Zoonomaly gameplay, creator, creatures

By Olivia Richman


Apr 2, 2024

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If you are a fan of horror games, you may have seen Zoonomaly gameplay all over TikTok. Trying to make sense of the spooky clips? Here’s everything we know about Zoonomaly.

What is Zoonomaly?

Zoonomaly is a puzzle-focused survival horror game. It’s set in an open world zoo and you can journey throughout the zoo to find and complete tasks.

In Zoonomaly, a zoo has been taken over by monsters. You must enter the zoo and figure out what caused the creepy creatures to take over. To stop the monster takeover, you need to collect key shards scattered throughout the zoo and then kill all of the monsters with a rocket launcher-like weapon.


My game ZOONOMALY is now available on Steam!! I really enjoyed making this game, it was a real challenge for me doing it entirely on my own, but I’m proud of the end result! I hope you like it!! #zoonomaly #horrorgame

♬ Zoonomaly Trailer Theme – Version 2 – LIGHTS ARE OFF

To make the game even tougher — and more nerve-wracking — you cannot attack or kill the monsters while sneaking around the zoo. Not until you find the weapon at the end of the game. You’ll need to avoid them at all costs, even run away when you have to.

What animals are in Zoonomaly?

You’ll find a wide range of animals within the walls of the zoo. This includes the usual, like monkeys and elephants, as well as a rabbit, cat, mouse, and fish.

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Who created Zoonomaly?

Zoonomaly was created by a TikTok account known as LIGHTS ARE OFF or lights.are.off. They are known for creating horror multimedia, including a lot of computer animated short form videos.

One of their popular characters is Smile Cat, which is featured in Zoonomaly. Their videos are a huge hit, earning them millions of followers and even more views.

When was Zoonomaly released?

Zoonomaly is a fairly new game. It came out on March 6, 2024.

It’s on Steam for just $5.99 right now. You can find it on a few other platforms as well. Zoonomaly is only available on PC and mobile right now.


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