Yuumi arrives, Master Yi reworked, and much more in LoL patch 9.10

By Steven Rondina


May 14, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends version 9.10 has arrived.

The latest patch brings a new list of changes. This is a bit of a departure from the hefty updates ahead of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational which often saw dozens of balance changes.

The highlight of 9.10 is the addition of new playable champion Yuumi. The warlock cat is an interesting support option with unique functionality surrounding her ability to “attach” herself to allies. This grants both units extra AD or AP and makes Yuumi untargetable, except to towers.

While attached, she gains additional functionality to some of her spells. Her magic missile Q gets increased range and gives her player the ability to steer the spell while she’s attached. She also has the power to heal and generate shields for herself with her W and E, and can instead do so for selected allied units while attached. Her ultimate sends seven waves of energy in a given direction, with stacking damage for each wave that successfuly lands.

Alongside the addition of Yuumi are several changes to champions.

The biggest change came to Master Yi. Each of his abilities were reworked in some way in an effort to nerf him in casual play but keep him relatively similar in strength at the professional level. This included an overhaul of Alpha Strike, the cast time being removed from Meditate, Wuju Style being nerfed, and his ultimate being given a sweeping 10% boost to move speed.

Riven’s Valor was nerfed with an increased cooldown length, while Broken Wings was given a modest buff to compensate. Vayne received a potentially potent nerf with the movement speed of her ultimate being dropped from 50-percent at all levels to a scaling bonus ranging from 35 to 50.

Most of the heroes impacted by 9.10 were given straightforward buffs. For the most part these came in the form of improved cooldowns, but Soraka was given a surprising buff in the form of an even greater mobility bonus from Starcall.

Shaco’s ultimate was tweaked to give him greater control over the ability.

Finally, there were a few interesting tweaks to items.

Hunter’s Talisman received a buff that applies its burn effect to pets, with the buff carrying over to all upgrades, which could be a huge boon to such champions as Malzahar and Elise. Guinsoo’s Rageblade was tweaked to have a flat 15-percent armor and magic penetration at the expense of Phantom Hit now requiring three hits to activate rather than the former two.

The list goes on from here, so make sure to check out the full patch notes on the official League of Legends website.


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