Yae Miko is the most popular C6 in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 23, 2023

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After careful analysis by a very smart player, Genshin Impact’s most popular character to C6 has been discovered as Yae Miko.

Constellation 6 is the ultimate form of any Genshin Impact character, but it’s not easy to reach. Pulling the same character six times is reasonable for a four-star, but nobody reaches Constellation 6 on a five-star without serious real-money investment. The rewards vary from character to character, but whales will pour money into the game to get their favorite character up to max.

Now, thanks to Reddit user dhcwsp, Genshin fans can search up exactly how rare these insane characters really are.

Yae Miko, Itto, and Raiden Shogun 

Yae Miko leads the pack as the most popular character to C6, but the stats also show Raiden Shogun and Arataki Itto as popular choices.

In terms of the percentage of total owners who boost their character to C6, Yae Miko stands out on top at around 4.75%. While Yae Miko is not actually the most common C6 in the game, Yae pullers are the most likely of any particular character’s fans to reach the C6 mark.

This is primarily due to her insane power spike at the sixth constellation, which makes her elemental skill ignore 60% of the target’s armor. Yae Miko’s design also appeals to a very particular kind of player, so fans of hers may be more likely to go all-in compared to other fanbases.

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The honor of the most-common C6 five-star in Genshin actually belongs to Raiden Shogun, with an estimated 2,555 total maxed-out electro archons out there in the world. Raiden also has a very strong set of constellations, particularly at C2, but C6 is one of the only consistent sources of cooldown reduction in the game. Knocking five seconds off three other bursts makes her insane energy generation even more potent.

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dhcwsp’s analysis also found that Arataki Itto is another popular character to C6. The Inazuman troublemaker ranks just below Yae Miko for percentage of owners who pull for C6. Other close characters include Eula, Yelan, and Shenhe, which all boast very powerful abilities at C6. 

While Yae Miko tops the charts looking purely at five-stars, it’s worth noting that four-star characters are much more common at Constellation 6 than their rarer counterparts. This analysis only covered five-stars, but Barbara and Noelle may be the most common four-stars based on banner frequency and both being given to the player early.

How much does it cost to C6 a five-star in Genshin Impact?

Assuming the player starts with zero primogems and uses no yearly purchase bonuses, it can cost up to $2,145 to fully C6 a five-star Genshin Impact character.

The specific number is difficult to pin down since it’s reliant on the most difficult factor of all to track. Luck plays a major role, as it’s theoretically possible to C6 a five-star in a single ten pull,  but the odds of doing so are astronomically small. The 50% chance of getting the featured character can cause problems, as it can require up to 12 five-star pulls to get C6.

However, especially lucky players can get it in just six.


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