What does Yae Miko scale off of? The best artifacts to farm

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Yae Miko is a controversial figure in Genshin Impact, but learning what she scales off of can make her feel like a true five-star.

As the enigmatic controller of the Grand Narukami Shrine, players had high expectations for Yae Miko’s character banner. At five-star rarity, players expected a powerful sub DPS that could literally rain lightning down on foes. That’s what they got, but between the botched Yae Miko buff attempt and generally low damage output, many players are struggling to find the right equipment for her to scale off of. 

When it comes to relevant artifact states for Yae Miko, she scales off of five different options. Each one comes with its own set of upsides and downsides.

  • Energy recharge – More elemental bursts, but lower damage for elemental skill
  • Electro damage – More damage for skills and bursts, but infrequent bursts
  • Crit damage and chance – Potentially higher damage, but less consistency
  • Elemental mastery – More elemental reaction damage, but no other upsides

Each scaling option is further affected by the Yae Miko player’s play style. If Yae Miko is played as the main DPS, she obviously leans towards electro damage since it buffs her normal attacks. If she primarily uses reactions with Sakura Sesshou, elementary mastery is better. As for players that want to one-shot everything, crit damage makes that goal a little easier.

The best artifact and weapon stats for Yae Miko 

The tricky part is that Yae Miko wants to scale off of all four of those stats, which makes it difficult to pick which ones to focus on. However, thanks to the artifact and weapon system, she can actually access all three of them on different equipment. For a well-rounded Yae Miko build, look for the following stats on their corresponding artifact type.

  • Energy recharge on the timepiece
  • Electro damage on the cup
  • Elemental mastery or crit stats on the crown

The stat that you don’t choose for the crown can instead be supplied by a weapon. The easiest option is Kagura’s Verity, Yae Miko’s signature five-star weapon that provides a whopping 66.2% inherent crit damage. The more budget-friendly option is Solar Pearl from the premium battle pass, which buffs crit rate. Free-to-play players can consider The Widsith. All three potential buffs work well with Yae Miko, and the guaranteed crit damage is always nice.

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No matter what weapon you pick, make sure to pick artifacts with missing stats to scale off of. There’s also the notion to go all-in on a certain stat, such as buffing elemental mastery to the moon and focusing on mass electro-charge procs. Genshin Impact isn’t too difficult until the end of Spiral Abyss, so if a particular build seems fun, that’s the best stat for Yae Miko to scale off of.


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