xQc sees backlash from Twitch streamers over Olympics DMCA drama

By Olivia Richman


Aug 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel is claiming that other Twitch streamers are “ganging up” on him after the former Overwatch League pro made a DMCA counter-claim against the International Olympics Committee. 

xQc received a short ban after showing clips of the Olympics on his channel. The International Olympics Committee cited a breach of DMCA guidelines and required that xQc take the clips down. xQc responded with a counter-claim, hiring a lawyer to “fight back.” 

To xQc’s apparent surprise, a lot of streamers have not agreed with his actions. He told his fans in an earlier stream that other streams are “making it a big deal” and “ganging up” on him without reaching out to discuss the issue with him first. He noted that other streamers have constantly criticized the DMCA guidelines, so he’s unsure why they are not on his side. 

xQc responds to Twitch streamers who don’t agree with DMCA counter-claim

While speaking to fans in a recent stream, xQc expressed frustration with his fellow Twitch streamers. 

“Now that I try something, everybody goes back against me. Everybody is fighting me. People that I don’t even talk to. People that I don’t even know. Everybody is ganging up on me,” xQc said. 

The issue, xQc claimed, is that none of the streamers have reached out to him to discuss his choice to get a lawyer. He expressed that the case would also help other streamers dealing with DMCA strikes, which has left him surprised at the lack of support. 

“Not one streamer DMd me to maybe give me advice or feedback or express concerns about the ongoings… It could change their fate too,” xQc said. 

One of the streamers xQc targeted was Imane “Pokimane” Anys. She had been outspoken about xQc’s decision to get a lawyer. This led xQc to joke that he should fire the lawyer, who has also worked for Pokimane in the past. xQc sarcastically said he would hire Pokimane instead since she is “very knowledgable” compared to the lawyer. 

Pokimane has not responded to xQc’s words as of yet. But her fans had something to say, calling xQc “petty” for his decision to get a lawyer involved.