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xQc says Dota 2 superior to League, has “soul”

By Kenneth Williams


May 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Juicer has confirmed his preferred MOBA, with Felix “xQc” Lengyel declaring Dota 2 a superior game to League of Legends.

xQc is known for his wide variety of content, and the Twitch icon has most recently dipped his toes into Dota 2. Valve’s competitive MOBA has a long history with the streaming website, often posed as a rival to Riot Games’ League of Legends.

However, xQc himself has expressed his opinion that Dota 2 is the superior option, claiming that the game has a “soul” that LoL lacks. Here’s what he said and why he recently turned to Dota 2, of all games, for his stream.

The quote in question came out during a Dota 2 matchmaking stream on May 11, 2023. During his respawn timer, xQc unexpectedly began gushing about Dota 2, claiming that it had a more personal touch than Riot’s own MOBA.

“This game has soul. Even though I like Riot Games, I like other game, I’m a huge fan of other games, I’m gonna keep it a buck. Their games are soulless. They have no juice. They have no direction, they just exist. Y’know?“ he said.

“People play less of this game, but look. Look, it’s kinda nice. It’s kinda nice,” he continued as he zoomed in on the ambient trees swaying in the wind.

Why is xQc starting to stream Dota 2?

xQc has previously stated his affinity for Dota 2, and he has previously played it on stream to mixed results.

The biggest reason for the recent return is likely that Dota 2 just recently got one of its biggest updates ever with patch 7.33. Many of the fundamental parts of the game have changed, including a slew of new mechanics and a brand-new map to play on. xQc hasn’t played the game in quite a while, so 7.33 provides the perfect opportunity to jump back in.

xQc’s viewership has somewhat dropped since he started to stream the game. He averages just over 25,000 viewers when playing Dota 2, which is less than his Just Chatting content, but would still be enough to make most dedicated Dota 2 streamer blush.


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