WSOE Valorant tournament participants and schedule are set

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The World Showdown of Esports, an esports tournament organizer, is kicking off its entrance into Valorant with a $10,000 online tournament.

WSOE format and schedule

The tournament has an online open qualifier with a double-elimination bracket. All matches are played best-of-one.. Only the top four teams from the qualifier bracket will move on to the main event, where they will face off in a best-of-three semifinals before moving into a best-of-five for the finals.

Qualifiers began on January 18 and will run until January 20. The last round of qualifiers will be broadcast on the WSOS Twitch and YouTube channels along with the main event taking place on January 26.

Participants at WSOE’s Valorant tournament

With an open qualifier system many amateur teams are among those participating. Of those, the most notable is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ team Time In. Other notables include Sedated, The Slimy Boogermen, and Big Frames. There are also a number of collegiate teams participating in the event.

There are a few signed teams that are participating as well, putting in some practice ahead of the Valorant Champions Tour. Among those are such squads as Renegades, Complexity and Cloud9 White.

The tournament has already had some massive upsets come through. Established teams including Pittsburgh Knights and eUnited have already been eliminated, with Complexity and Renegades fighting to stay alive in the lower bracket. Cloud9 White’s victory over Renegades drew particular attention in the Valorant community. Notable amateur knockouts include Sedated and Sakura Storm.

The broadcast of the rest of the qualifiers will start January 20 at 3 PM PT.


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