Worlds 2021 final to be held in Shenzhen on November 6

By Christian Vejvad


May 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends World Championship is headed back to China in 2021, this time with the final taking place in Shenzhen. 

After the 2020 World Championship was toned down a couple of notches due to travel and audience restrictions, Riot will look to make the upcoming Worlds event bigger than ever. The grand final will take place in the Universiade Sports Centre in Shenzhen on November 6. The stadium holds a capacity of over 60,000 people, setting up the perfect scene for the biggest esports event of the year.  

The Universiade Sports Centre is the home stadium to the Shenzhen F.C football team, which plays in the Chinese Super League. As the fifth-biggest city in China, Shenzhen seems more than capable of hosting what might end up as the biggest esports event in history. As seen in previous years, Riot is always looking to push the boundaries of the World Championship. 

“We’re extremely excited to push the boundaries of entertainment and sport this year with Worlds 2021 and define the next 10 years of LoL Esports,” Riot’s global head of esports John Needham said.

Worlds 2021 final to take place on November 6

After a limited 2020 World Championship, teams are likely hungry to compete on a bigger stage. Last year, only the final was played in a big venue and it was with a very limited crowd. At this point it’s been over a year since we last saw a crowded stadium full of excited League of Legends fans. This will hopefully change for the 2021 World Championship, giving both fans and players a memorable experience. 

With another Worlds event being held in China, defending world champion DWG KIA won’t be able to defend the title on its home soil. Instead they will have to take over China once again.

On the side are many challengers for the Summoner’s Cup, the biggest ones being found in the Chinese LPL. In a league stacked with great rosters, 2021 could be the year where China takes back the title. With an expected home crowd to back them up, this will be the most important year for Chinese League of Legends.