Worlds 2020 Pick’Em quarterfinals predictions

By Melany Moncada


Oct 11, 2020

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Everything is ready for the next stage in the 2020 World Championship. Sixteen teams battled in the group stage, but only eight made it to the Knock-out stage.

In this stage, all series are best-of-five with only one team advancing. Losers don’t get a second chance. I’s do or die at Worlds for all the teams. 

TOP Esports vs Fnatic

TOP Esports came into the World Championship as one of the favorites to take it all. So far, the team is still looking strong and like a true contender for the title. The loss against FlyQuest was a small mistake and something that should be taken with a grain of salt. TES is confident that it can take any opponent in the tournament since they can play through every lane. There isn’t a weak side when TES is on the Summoner’s Rift.

Fnatic looked good in groups, but maybe not world champion caliber. The team handed Gen.G its only loss in the tournament, only to get destroyed in the second round robin. Fnatic is an emotional team that can be thrown off balance without much trouble. Making things worse, Fnatic tends to have a hard time in best-of-five series. As games go by, Fnatic grows restless and starts making mistakes. The biggest challenge for Fnatic will be to keep up with the teams that play a fast-paced game.

Who’s winning between TOP Esports and Fnatic?

TES is looking like the clear favorite in this matchup. The LPL squad had its strongest opponents in groups and came on top, no sweat. The challenge for Fnatic will be to keep their mental stable as the series progresses. If Fnatic wins game one in the series, it might stand a chance. If instead, TES takes the first win, it’ll be downhill from there for Fnatic.

Suning vs. JD Gaming

Suning is one of the surprises at Worlds. The LPL squad took group A by storm and left fans around the world chanting the name of its jungler, Lê Quang “SofM” Duy. On the final day of groups, Suning decisively won back-to-back matches against G2 Esports. 

Suning is more than just its jungler. One of the highlights of the tournament so far is the flank by Bin on Gangplank. The top laner used his TP and caught G2 as they were trying to disengage, slaughtering them inside the bush. The team’s confidence and ability to make big plays is a big reason why Suning is looking so good moving forward.

JD Gaming broke DAMWON’s 16-game winning streak and finished the group stage on a high note. Unfortunately, an upset early in the day cost it the first seed on group B. JDG is another favorite to make it to finals this year alongside DAMWON, so it might end up being a group B rematch.

JDG has all the elements of a successful LPL squad with an aggressive jungler, reliable laners, and a support that is constantly roaming. JDG can fight, but the team tends to struggle when things get slow. If JDG can dictate the pace of the series, it will thrive in the next stage.

Who’s winning between Suning and JD Gaming?

Unfortunately for the LPL fans, all teams are on the same side of the bracket and semifinals is most likely to be between two Chinese squads. Based on the group’s performance and the history between these teams, it’s looking like a JDG win. It will be the battle of the junglers and viewers can expect a bloody series that is for sure going to five games.

Gen.G vs. G2 Esports

Gen.G lived up to fans’ expectations in the group stage. Objectively speaking, Gen.G had the easiest group and needed to look dominant to make a case for contender status. The LCK’s third seed did look strong, as they closed the group stage with only one defeat at the hands of Fnatic. Despite that, Gen.G’s faces a very hard road. The team did well in groups because it had the easiest opponents, but the other teams at Worlds are out for blood. 

It’s been a rollercoaster for G2 Esports at Worlds. The team looked unstoppable, then dropped a victory against Team Liquid, recovered, and then got smacked by Suning twice in a row. It’s not a good look for an LEC squad that is hoping to reach finals again.

Still, G2 is at its best in best-of-five series and that makes it a team that can’t be underestimated going forward. In order to make it, G2 needs to avoid the level one invades and must assist Jankos as he navigates the early stages of the game. If they can do that, G2 could be a real threat.

Who’s winning between Gen.G and G2 Esports?

Once again, the gods of Runeterra show who’s the favorite. G2 got the easiest opponent out of the teams in pool one and is looking like the favorite to reach semifinals. While Gen.G is better in the slower games, G2 thrives in the fast-paced games. G2 must take control from level one and set the tempo for the match. It cannot wait for Gen.G, but instead play as aggressive as possible. 


DAMWON Gaming is the current favorite to win it all. The LCK champion has the look of being the next SK Telecom T1. The most impressive part of DAMWON is not the prowess of its players, but the versatility of the team as a whole. DAMWON can play a skirmishing style, or it can play slow. It can win through the lanes or through the jungle. Even playing from behind, DAMWON manages to look in control at all times.

DragonX is not an easy team to read, it might have the perfect execution or completely fail. At times, it feels like DRX doesn’t understand how to fully pilot its composition. At other times, it looks like the greatest team in the world.

DRX has a negative record when it comes to the best-of-five series. That’s not because the team lacks talent, but because it lacks mental resilience. DRX can lose focus of the goal and end up losing when it matters the most. 

Who’s winning between DAMWON Gaming and DRX?

The entire world witnessed the massacre that was the LCK summer finals. DAMWON obliterated DRX, making it look so simple. Across the map, every player on DAMWON’s lineup is one level above their DRX counterparts. DRX is not looking as good as it looked domestically and getting schooled by TES certainly shocked them. If DRX manages to defeat DAMWON, it’d be the biggest upset in Worlds history.

The 2020 World Championship resumes on October 15.


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