Why is online gaming becoming so big?

By William Davis


May 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Players today have a wealth of options when it comes to gaming online. But why and how has gaming become so big?

It can be easy to take for granted the many options available to interested players. Whether you want to play new video games upon release, compete with others in multiplayer titles, or even put some money up for grabs in a bid for a big payout, it won’t take long to find opportunities suited to whatever you’re looking for.

It wasn’t always that way. Gaming opportunities have bubbled up and become widespread over time. The advent of the internet has a lot to do with that, but it isn’t that simple either.

Digital storefronts can be given much of the credit for the broad availability of games online. Steam is the biggest such storefront. Launched by famed game developer Valve, Steam has quickly become the top online marketplace for video games on the PC. The ability to get the newest and hottest games on Steam rather than having to travel to a nearby store has made games that much more accessible to players.

Other online games, particularly those that feature multiplayer elements, are found through their own launchers owned by developers and publishers. The popular Fortnite is found primarily through Epic Games’ launch tool, which has made some inroads into Steam’s popularity through a mix of exclusive launch windows for new games and free game offerings for older titles.

Activision Blizzard famously launched its own similar tool, and players who want to take part in such games as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty must use the tool if they want to play these popular games.

This goes well beyond video games, however. Casinos and gaming operators have also taken their practices online. A look at an online casinos list shows just how many operators are now getting involved in online play.

It’s not hard to understand why operators would look to create these opportunities anew. While gamers had been able to find new video games at local retailers prior to the prevalence of digital storefronts, those wishing to play in casinos faced far greater barriers, with only certain regions even allowing these businesses to operate.

The emergence of online play circumvents this obstacle for many, creating new and exciting opportunities for getting involved in gaming.