Why esports betting is becoming popular in the UK

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 15, 2022

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Esports are currently among the fastest-growing markets in the betting world, and the UK scene is no exception to this with bookies adding new video games to their sportsbooks at a rapid pace. As the market grows and adapts to appeal to a younger audience, other factors are pushing gaming fans towards online gambling. The three major reasons for growth boil down to online accessibility, growing audiences, and increased legislation.

Accessibility drives esports betting in the UK

The surge in popularity of esports betting in the UK has been largely driven by the growth of esports itself. As competitive gaming has become more mainstream, more people have become interested in betting on them. Assisting this growth is its inherent accessibility. Anyone can download and play nearly any esport title for free, and the majority of major tournaments are completely free to watch online.

This accessibility goes hand in hand with online gambling, which has grown in popularity for several reasons. From an esports fan’s perspective, placing a bet and watching a match is as simple as switching browser tabs and making a few clicks. This is even easier than traditional sports betting, which usually requires a second screen to actually watch the games. Gamers are also more trusting of technology, meaning that they are more likely to try new digital opportunities such as esports match betting. Online resources like Casinowings.com have grown in tandem, further proving the popularity of betting on competitive gaming

Esports betting attracts a new younger audience

Part of esports betting’s growing popularity can be attributed to its intended audience. Younger people are considerably less likely to gamble online. This is due to various factors, but esports can directly appeal to such customers. This is especially true for the United Kingdom, where traditional sports betting is generally considered an older man’s pursuit. Younger bettors are more likely to favor esports over football or basketball, meaning that gamers are likely to bet on esports as their first gambling experience.

In addition, esports are deeply connected to new technologies and forms of entertainment. Online resources like Casinowings.com have grown in tandem, further proving the popularity of betting on competitive gaming. The streaming industry is directly adjacent to esports, with tons of overlap between the two communities. In addition, esports takes advantage of new technology like virtual reality and mobile gaming. Younger crowds are more likely to be interested in the tech driving esports, which can draw new crowds that would otherwise be unlikely to gamble.

UK esports betting laws are relatively advanced

The esports betting market is growing fast worldwide, but certain parts of the United Kingdom’s betting laws have helped the country’s audience grow faster than ever before. Sports betting has been formally legal in the country since 1961, and esports have been formally defined as legal to bet on for several years. Compared to other parts of the world, the UK is a decade ahead of the game.

While British teams are not particularly successful in most major esports, the country is undeniably a pivotal player in esports. The Esports Integrity Commission, which monitors professional gaming for fair play, is based in the United Kingdom. The British Esports Federation was one of the earliest esports-promoting bodies in the world, being formally assembled in 2016. Gamers in the UK are more likely to be aware of such organizations, which both work to make esports safe to bet on.


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