Why do so many people play video games online?

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 27, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Online gaming has shot to the top of most people’s hobby lists as it has provided many people with mental stimulation and stress relief, too.

The advent of the internet and the online accessibility of people to connect with one another online has given rise to the option of online gaming in the modern world. Nowadays, people can gather online and engage in fun and entertaining games with one another while still being in the comfort of their own homes.

With this rapid rise in online gaming, it’s always interesting to take note of just how many people have been engaging in it. It’s estimated that there are more than one billion online gamers worldwide, steadily rising each year.

Multiplayer games are a social gathering space

There are plenty of reasons why people play video games online, and some of the more popular ones may not be what most people expect. The digital age we currently live in has made it even more conducive for people to play games online, with the number of options for games and consoles alike increasing drastically over the years. 

When online gaming first started, it wasn’t social. Games didn’t have online features and were entirely meant as single-player experiences. However, as gaming and technology have increased, so too have their social aspects. Gamers can now socialize with friends while playing their favorite multiplayer games. 

With numerous clubs, teams, societies, and events going on in the online gaming world, the hobby has become more social than ever. It’s not relatively common for people to make new friends through multiplayer games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

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Online gaming improves both mood and wits

A lot of games require players to solve puzzles or problems in order to advance. These puzzles really challenge the player’s analytical and problem-solving skills, with some research even suggesting that some games can make their players smarter. These are crucial life skills to learn and have become very popular in the mobile gaming marketplace. 

After a long day in a harsh world, gaming allows players to escape into a different dimension. Players can sit back and take it easy in fantastic landscapes with low stakes. This relaxation has also been proven to decrease the overall stress levels of players.

In addition to a chance to relax, gaming gives players opportunities to feel powerful. Winning matches give players a sense of achievement and help to boost players’ mental health. Online gaming has significant mood-elevating effects which can be further amplified by its social nature. 

Gamers can earn money and knowledge through gaming

With the rapid rise in esports all over the world, becoming a professional gamer and making a living by playing games is no longer a pipe dream. Skilled gamers are highly sought-after in the online gaming space, so if players focus on growing their skills, they could be richly rewarded for it.

Many games include an educational aspect to them of some sort. Whether that’s learning about a modern culture or ancient history, gamers can learn a lot about the world we live in. The immersive nature of gaming also makes it an effective educational tool. 

There are also many skills that a person can learn by engaging in online games. These include problem-solving skills, planning, negotiating, decisiveness, and a lot more. These skills can assist gamers in their everyday lives and jobs outside their favorite game. 

Online gaming is here to stay

Multiplayer has effectively become the default form of gaming for most players. Whether from the comfort of their own home or in a public gaming cafe, gamers can connect with people from all over the world. This has created a massive multiplayer gaming industry with billions of customers worldwide.

Online gaming is available to anyone and everyone who enjoys a little bit of entertainment and competition every now and then. The industry has grown immensely, and judging from the various accounts of these growth points, it will only increase more and more.


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