Why did DisguisedToast get banned after his return to Twitch?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 25, 2021

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Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang is a Facebook Gaming partner, but once in a while, he will come back on Twitch to hang out with his old viewers. But this time, his return wasn’t without complications. 

DisguisedToast was in the Just Chatting area of Twitch when he was banned for watching an old PUBG montage that featured a homophobic slur. At the time he was streaming to over 40,000 concurrent viewers. DisguisedToast took to Twitter to tell his fans about the temporary ban, which he didn’t seem too worried about. 

“Not a big deal since don’t usually stream there. But does mean I have to avoid playing with any friends streaming for a few days,” DisguistedToast said. 

DisguisedToast temp banned on Twitch 

According to the message Twitch sent to DisguisedToast, it appears that he was suspended for “unmoderated hateful conduct.” Even though Twitch didn’t expand on the specific reason beyond that, DisguisedToast tweeted that it was probably a result of the PUBG compilation. In the clip, DisguisedToast gets a kill on an enemy who enters the building he’s in only for the other player to accuse him of camping. 

The other player then starts raging, using homophobic slurs and other insults.

In response, DisguisedToast remained calm and even mocked the toxic player, discussing why he “loved” the spot he was hiding in within the building. After the barrage of anger continued, DisguisedToast couldn’t help but break his calm demeanor and start laughing. 

“I didn’t get a specific reason but if I had to guess: I was watching an old Twitch clip of mine that includes a toxic player using the f-slur against me. Will try to be more careful in the future,” DisguisedToast explained on Twitter. 

It’s unfortunate that DisguisedToast won’t be able to play Valorant or Among Us on Twitch with his famous friends from OfflineTV, but the suspension is apparently only for a “few days” until he’ll be back. The ban is most likely three days if Twitch is being consistent (for once),  so DisguisedToast won’t be off of Twitch for long. 


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