Who is the Skull Merchant in Dead by Deadlight?

By Melany Moncada


Feb 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Tools of Torment, Dead by Daylight chapter 27, is officially dropping on March 7. The update includes a new Killer known as the Skull Merchant, and here is everything we know.

The next DLC of Dead by Daylight doesn’t include a new map, but it is introducing three new characters. Talita and Renato Lyra join the list of Survivors, while the Skull Merchant will become the 32nd Killer in the game.

Who is the Skull Merchant in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight has a combination of original Killers, like The Trapper and The Huntress, and licensed characters like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. There are 31 Killers in total, making the Skull Merchant the number 32 in the collection.

The Skull Merchant, also known as Adriana Imai, is a tech executive who uses her riches to create sinister weapons for murder. Adriana is Brazilian of Japanese descent. Her weapon of choice is dual blades.

The Skull Merchant uses Eyes in the Sky, a power that allows her to set up four drones that can detect, track, and expose the Survivors. When the Skull Merchant claims a victim, she will use the skulls to decorate the drones.

The name Skull Merchant comes from a character designed by Adriana’s father, who was a manga illustrator. Obsessed with her absent father’s work, Adriana studied the dark world her father had created, adopting a second identity. Her first kill as the Skull Merchant took place in Switzerland.

Adriana stalked a group of executives that planned on blocking one of her business deals. Frustrated at the situation, Adriana followed the group to the conference. Using a prototype drone inspired by the original Skull Merchant’s drone, Adriana tracked their location and brutally dismembered the executives using the dual blades.

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This was just the beginning of a cycle of horror. Every time an executive tried to get in her way, Adriana stalked them and made them disappear. Eventually, the Skull Merchant identity took over, and Adriana was ready to live her life as a killer.

The challenge for the Survivors is finding a way to disable the drones while running away from the Skull Merchant. This is one of the most technologically advanced powers in the game.

The Skull Merchant is rated hard in difficulty, the mechanics to use this Killer are specific, and it will take players some time to master them.

About the new Survivors, the Lyra siblings, we know they run a kite-flying business and mentor children. Talita and Renato are fundamental members of their community. The Lyra siblings have access to unique teamwork perks, so it is a good idea to pick them together when you are ready to play.

The Lyra siblings first encounter the Skull Merchant in Brazil. Here, they witnessed the Skull Merchant brutally murder an executive. The Lyra siblings sprinted away from the crime scene, but it was too late, the Skull Merchant had her eyes on them.

Tools of Torment drops on March 7 for PC and consoles. The DLC will go for $11.99, 27,000 Iridescent Shards, or 1,500 Auric Cells.