Who is Silver Team in the Halo show? The new Spartans explained

By Nicholas James


Mar 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Spartan team appears alongside the Master Chief in the new Halo show on Paramount Plus, but just who is Silver Team?

Silver Team is the new team of Spartans that Master Chief leads in the Halo show. The live-action adaptation takes place in a separate version of series canon known as the Silver Timeline. This is named after Silver Team, as Master Chief leads the Blue Team in the main universe of the Halo games. Who is Silver Team, what makes it different from Blue Team, and what role will the team play in the show?

Who is Silver Team?

Silver Team is a four-person Spartan-II fireteam led by Petty Officer Master Chief John-117. The other three Spartans are Lieutenant Junior Grade Vannak-134, Lieutenant Junior Grade Riz-028, and Private First Class Kai-125.

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Master Chief serves as the team’s leader and one of its two assault members alongside Vannak-134. Vannak serves as John’s second-in-command and wields heavy rifles for fireteam support. Riz-028 is the team’s communications specialist, tasked with keeping the Spartans’ comms footprint minimal and signal to the UNSC clear. Lastly, Kai-125 serves as the team’s designated marksman wielding a high-caliber sniper rifle.

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Blue Team in the games consists of MCPO John-117, Lieutenant Junior Grade Frederic-104, Private First Class Kelly-087, and Private First Class Linda-058. John still serves as the new team’s leader, while Fred joins as the secondary assault member. Kelly serves as a scout while Linda is the team’s designated Marksman. The difference in John’s companions are some of many elements meant to make the Silver Timeline feel familiar yet distinct to experienced Halo fans.

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The new fireteam is being set up as an element meant to help John from inside following his going rogue by fleeing the Reach UNSC base with an insurgent and unknown artifact aboard. Some Halo fans may see a similarity to the storyline of Master Chief going rogue to the Halo 5 plot, with Silver Team playing a similar role to Blue Team from that game.