Which is better, Phantom or Vandal? TenZ gives his answer

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Phantom versus Vandal debate is far from over. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has once again fired the conversation by explaining why Phantom is mechanically more powerful. 

Sentinels’ professional player TenZ may switch his mouse sensitivity like clothes, but the Phantom has remained his top pick since the game’s release. Amid the debates over which rifle is more OP, the pro player has explained why he thinks everyone should prefer Phantom. 

In Valorant, players have the liberty to pick a rifle that suits their game style the best. Both Phantom and Vandal cost the same amount of Creds and are equally impactful. However, due to some minor differences, many players often find themselves torn between picking the appropriate gun. While Vandal is more effective on larger maps, Phantom offers more accuracy and bullets. However, TenZ thinks that Phantom is overall a better gun. 

“I’m not joking when I say that the Phantom is better than Vandal. The Phantom: bigger clip, easier spray pattern, one-hits the head, close-range anyways, one-hits medium armor at basically all ranges. There are so many reasons Phantom is better,” TenZ said. 

Should you use Vandal or Phantom in Valorant?

Phantom’s large magazine has made it a favorite weapon of professional players who rely primarily on smooth sprays instead of tapping. But, the Phantom may fail to deliver desired results in a map like Breeze, which is why this comparison has become more common since the release of the new map. 

Phantom may fail to land one-tap headshots in larger areas, and TenZ doesn’t completely ignore this flaw. The pro player agreed that Vandal has the edge over Phantom due to its one-tap potential. The gun ensures a 100% kill rate in one-tap long range if you have a crisp aim. Conversely, Phantom may make you struggle and put you in danger’s way if you accidentally whiff a little. 

While TenZ admits Vandal’s one-tap power, he still would pick Phantom even on larger maps. It is understandable since Phantom renders a 125 at 50 range compared to Vandal’s 150. This difference becomes negligible when the enemy team has half armor, or you aren’t strictly going for a one-tap headshot in long-range. Phantom is super forgiving, guaranteeing easier spray reset and more kills in all sorts of aim duels. 


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