Which are the best and worst maps in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 20, 2021

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Valorant has six playable maps in the active pool, and each map has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest.

While many other hero shooters have seen hero pools become generally homogenous regardless of the environment, Valorant has seen specific maps force players outside their comfort zone when it comes to agents. That said, some maps are simply more entertaining than others due to design and features.

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Here are all the Valorant maps ranked in order from best to worst.

Split is Valorant’s best map

Winning a game on this map has little do with which site you’re playing on. Whether you’re on attack or defense, winning relies entirely upon agent selection and aim. This map has a pure FPS spirit that forces players to put their raw skills to the test, making it one of the best Valorant maps.

Breeze lets all agents shine

The newest Valorant map ranks among the best in the game. While many players aren’t fans of long-range duels, Breeze allows all agents to shine. Instead of close-range, erratic firefights, players need to actually work on their aim and look for one-taps. The vast areas also provide space to execute fake attacks and complex strategies.

Icebox looks and feels different than other maps

No other map has chokepoints as punishing as Icebox, which is precisely why players like to compete in this location. While one bomb point offers close-range battles, point A is all about long-range shooting. Many players also appreciate this location due to its fresh scenery that added icy tones to Valorant’s predominantly dusty palette.

Ascent’s automatic doors mix things up

Ascent brought automatic doors to Valorant that are very strategically important. However, it’s Ascent’s classic FPS-style design that makes it one of the favorites. Two bomb points divided by a vast mid area makes it look and feel like a Counter-Strike map.

Haven tries really hard to be different

Riot Games went all out with Haven by adding not two, but three bomb points. While this feature was expected to make it more fun, competitive players find it hard to maintain a scoreboard once the side switches to defense. Haven can be a treat to play on a higher level, but lower-ranked players find it a nuisance.

Bind is Valorant’s worst map

Once again, Bind’s unique feature, teleporters, fail to really add to the experience. Due to the map’s small size, it’s pretty easy to rotate quickly, but attackers often exploit the teleporters to an extent where defending a site becomes impossible.


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