Where to find the spaceship parts in GTA V?

Where to find the spaceship parts in GTA V?

By Melany Moncada


Jan 19, 2023

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GTA V has many hidden objects, these collectibles are spread across the entire map, and once you get them all, you will receive a reward. The collectibles include action figures, hidden packages, and spaceship parts. Finding all the spaceship parts in GTA V will take you to the furthest corners of Los Santos County.

The spaceship parts are not available from the start, players will need to advance well into the game before getting the Strangers and Freaks mission set. More specifically, the Far Out mission will send them in search of the parts. The mission is assigned to the players by Omega, an amateur alien seeker.

The Far Out mission will show up on the map as a question mark in Sandy Shore. This happens after completing Michael’s Fame or Shame mission.

There are, in total, 50 spaceship parts distributed all over the map. Once players find them all, they must meet with Omega, who will use the parts to build a vehicle. Players will receive the Space Docker as a reward.

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Spaceship parts location in GTA V

There isn’t a specific order to collect the pieces, so players can start from any point on the map. The spaceship parts are silver boxes with a circle on one side.

  • Grapeseed, Cow Field. The spaceship part is on the ground, next to a haystack.
  • Mount Chiliad, Marijuana Farm. It is inside the farmhouse, next to the blue barrel.
  • Paleto Bay, Barn. Drive up to the Donkey Punch Family Farm, it will be in the back of the barn.
  • Paleto Bay, Fire Training Building. Enter the station through the right side and go upstairs to the third floor.
  • Paleto Bay, Forest Pipe. Under the concrete bridge.
  • Paleto Bay, Peninsula. North of the docks in the center of the landmass.
  • Ranton Canyon, Bridge Buttresses. The buttresses of the Ranton Canyon Bridge near North Chumash. The most difficult piece to get, you will need to parachute there, use an helicopter, or climb.
  • Ranton Canyon, Cassidy Creek. The part is in an island under the Calafia Bridge that you can reach through helicopter or swimming.
  • Mount Josiah. On the eastern side of Mount Josiah, the site is reachable on foot and by flying.
  • Zancudo River South, Bridge. Find the stone bridge on the river that leads to Fort Zancudo. The spaceship part is under it.
  • Zancudo River East. Following the river, the spaceship part is in a bank between Harmony and Mount Josiah.
  • Sandy Shores, Yacht. Southwest of Sandy Shores Airfield, the part is under the white and blue yacht.
  • Sandy Shores, Alamo Sea. This part is in the sea and can only be found swimming. Park on the left of the diner and go into the water.
  • Sandy Shores, Satellite Dish. The first dish on the left, it is at the top of the staircase.
  • Sandy Shores, Tremor’s Rock. At the rock formation.
  • Sandy Shores, Alien Playground. In the Senora National Park, up the painted hill.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range, Boathouse. The boathouse is in the cul-de-sac. The part is next to a stack of pallets.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range, Cave. The cave is at the southernmost part of the San Chianski Mountain Range. On the right side of the cave, dive to find the piece.
  • Great Chaparral, Bolingbroke. The house is at the southwest of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, under a banner that says “Welcome Aliens.” Find the three chairs.
  • Great Chaparral, Mount Haan. Follow the dirt road to the base of Mount Haan.
  • Great Chaparral, Farmhouse. On the house with the collapsed roof at the porch.
  • Tongva Valley Waterfall. You can find the waterfall underneath the Zancudo Barranca road. The current is strong under the waterfall, so it might be difficult to get to it.
  • Tongva Hills, Marlowe Vineyard. Go to the Marlowe Vineyard. Follow the row of wines near the top of the hill.
  • Banham Canyon, House. There are two ways to reach this house, through the Banham Canyon Drive or the Great Ocean Highway. On the hill, you will find a house. In the backyard, there is a telescope with the part next to it.
  •  Tongva Hills, Central. Find the creek to the west and follow it to the cave. It is covered by a bush and the part is near the entrance.
  • Vinewood Hills, Parsons Rehabilitation Center. In the right side of the center’s parking lot, you will find a large tree. The part is on the ground by the trunk.
  • Vinewood Hills, Galileo Observatory. At the Observatory, on the left side you will find a set of stairs, go up and on the right is the part.
  • Vinewood Lake, Lake Tower. This will require a helicopter or a blip to get to the roof of the tower where you can find the piece.
  • Vinewood Lake, South Dam. Dive and swim towards the base of the dam. There will be a metal structure, the part is visible in the sea of green.
  • Tataviam Mountains, Land Act Reservoir/Dam. On the southwest part of the reservoir, find the stairs. You will have to dive again under the dock.
  • Tataviam Mountains, Land Act Reservoir Dam Pipes. On the Land Act Reservoir, you will find four pipes, follow the pipes to find the piece.
  • Tataviam Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Alcove. From the end of the pipes, head east to the ocean where you will find an arch. In the small alcove on the north side you can find the piece.
  • Richman, Los Santos Golf Club. On the grounds of the gold course, the piece is in the lake near the road.
  • Vinewood, Rooftop Pool. This piece is only reachable using a helicopter or blimp. Land on top of the building, aim for the clear blue swimming pool.
  • Vinewood, Rockford Plaza Island. The part is sitting on a grassy patch. To get there, drive under the Rockford Plaza parking structure and up where you will find the island home of said grassy patch.
  • Morningwood, Richards Majestic Movie Studio Backlot. At the studio, find Stage 16. Take a right and you will find the stairs, go to the left and there, you’ll have to climb the wall. The part is near the windows.
  • Downtown, Underground Tram Station. Time to revisit the base of the Jewelry Heist. There are two points of access to the station, the first is through the canal opening in the LS River. The second is the same route used during the heist, through the tunnel in the freeway. Go up the ramp in the construction site to find the part.
  • Downtown, Penris Building Rooftop. Another location that is only accessible through the air. On top of the Penris building, you can find the piece lying on the floor.
  • Downtown, Simmet Alley Market. Go to Textile City. A banner will mark the alley, go down the alley. Once you pass the Snd. Textile Shop, take the right and int the back wall, next to the boxes is the piece.
  • Vespucci, Vespucci Canals. On the west side of Los Santos is the Liquor Hole store. On the back of the store, you will find a set of ladders. Between the billboards is the piece.
  • Murrieta Heights Water Facility. Once inside the facility, find the iron walkway and walk through it until you find the piece to the right.
  • Strawberry, Freeway/Homeless Encampment. At the Strawberry neighborhood, venture under the freeway. The piece is next to a couch.
  • Davis, Davis Medical Center. Another rooftop location, but this one doesn’t require an aircraft. Use the ladder on the west side to reach the rooftop.
  • Murrieta Oil Fields. The fields are in the easternmost part of El Burro Heights. There are different roads that you can take to the green shipping container hiding the part.
  • Southern Island/Pacific Ocean. Head to the large grate, you must swim to the second island from the left. The part is on the rocks.
  • El Burro Heights, Beach Grate. Drive towards the ocean, following the beach line. There is a grate on the side and the grate entrance is not far. Locate the “Vagos” graffiti, under the S in the graffiti is the part.
  • – South Los Santos, Rancho Towers. Locate the Rancho Towers art installation, go through the gates to find a sculpture with a stone bench around it.
  • Elysian Island – Gas Domes. If you’re starting at the Naval Port, go west across the bridge. The are two gas holders that look like domes. On one side of the domes is a stair that will take you all the way to the top. The part is on a pipe that connects the domes.
  • Port of South Los Santos – Los Santos Naval Port. The part is in Elysian Island. You can reach it from the warehouse on Pier 45. Dive to find the iron beams, the part is under it. This area is controlled by Merryweather, so you must be careful exploring the pier.
  • Los Santos International Airport. Follow the service road to the bottom of the airport. The piece is inside a secured area that will give you a 1 star wanted level. Walk through the gate and run to the part that is next to a red box.


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