Where to find Sellen, Elden Ring’s premier sorcery teacher

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Sellen is the de facto sorcery teacher in Elden Ring, but finding her is a mystery in its own right.

Sorceress Sellen, also known as the Graven Witch, is the premier sorcery saleswoman in the Lands Between. She starts with a nice variety of useful sorceries that can be upgraded and expanded throughout the Elden Ring story.

Players who chose magic classes like the Prisoner or Astrologer should make finding Sellen their very first goal. Here’s how to accomplish it and learn some new spells in Elden Ring.

Where to find Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring

The first step for anything involving Sorceress Sellen is to find her. She’s somewhat hidden, but most inquisitive Elden Ring players should come across her at some point.

Sorceress Sellen is located under the Waypoint Ruins past a miniboss fight. Travel to the Waypoint Ruins in the east of Limgrave. There are several poisonous plants guarding the entrance as well as a Mad Pumpkin Head boss fight. Dodge into his attacks to avoid them and attack his unarmored back to get past him.

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Sorceress Sellen doesn’t move from this spot until very late into the game. When she does, she will warn the player that it is their last chance to purchase spells from her.

It’s also possible to find Sellen tied up in a similar basement on the Weeping Peninsula north of Castle Morne. There doesn’t appear to be any way to interact with her here, so just clear out the enemies and leave.

What spells does Sorceress Sellen teach?

At first, Sellen will only teach a small variety of spells. This includes upgrades to the starting spell for Astrologer, Glintstone Pebble. Swift Glintstone Shard is a faster, but less damaging version of the spell. Great Glintstone Shard is the opposite, trading speed and FP cost for higher damage. Both are situationally useful, but the Swift variant is better for players who mix swords and sorcery.

It’s possible to expand the spells Sellen teaches by giving her spellbooks found throughout Elden Ring. The closest one is near a massive hill guarded by knights and several sorcerers. The mage at the very top drops the Royal House Scroll, which allows Sellen to teach Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer.


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