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Where to find and farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

by | Mar 15, 2022

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Learning where to find Dandelion Seeds is tedious in Genshin Impact, but these three locations will jumpstart your search.

As far as local specialties are concerned, Dandelion Seeds are among the most annoying to find in Genshin Impact. A bunch of characters big and small can require hundreds to get to the max level. Clusters are spread all throughout Monstadt, and the sheer quantity needed for later levels can take weeks to collect. Luckily for players, there are a few hotspots and routes to speed up the process. These are three amazing farming routes for Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact.

In addition to the right farming routes, using the right characters can help speed up the process. Use Sayu’s skill or Mona and Ayaka’s alternate sprints to get around faster. Anemo skills are useful for harvesting them, but try using Venti or Sucrose’s charged attacks instead. 

Dandelion Seeds are easy to find outside of Monstadt

One of the best places to find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact is right outside of the first major city. The front gate of Monstadt has eight Dandelion Seeds to find.

There are two clusters of three Dandelion Seeds right in front of the gate. If you go around the right side of the town, there are two more seeds to collect. This is one of the highest concentrations of Dandelion Seeds on the map, and they’re very easy to grab.

The Monstadt-Liyue border is a hotspot for Dandelion Seeds

The very edge of Monstadt is another great place to find Dandelion Seeds. Head west from the Dawn Winery and climb the mountaintop, then drop down the lower peak. There are a ton of dandelion clusters to farm here.

The Dandelion Seeds here stretch all the way south to the pond. There are a few Fatui enemy camps near here, so be sure to bring an elementally-diverse squad to the party. As mentioned above, bring an Anemo attacker like Venti or Sucrose to speed up the Dandelion Seed farming process.

Find a bundle of Dandelion Seeds by the Cryo Regisvine

This last place to find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact is located pretty close to an important field boss. Teleport to the Temple of the Wolf domain and head southeast towards the Cryo Regisvine. Just over the ridge is a small cluster of three Dandelion Seeds in a neat little triangle.

This spot doesn’t have quite as many seeds as the other two locations, but it’s very easy to get to. Just watch out for the trio of anemo slimes that spawns there. Return in three days to pick up the next batch and repeat until you have enough Dandelion Seeds.

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