What’s different in FC 24 compared to FIFA?

By William Davis


Oct 18, 2023

Reading time: 5 min

FIFA fans may be confused by the new football title hitting the shelf, FC 24.

However, even with the name change, the game series is still roughly the same as it has always been. Football fans worldwide can assemble their dream teams to play both offline and online with tons of customization.

To do it, they’ll need to buy FC 24 coins, open packs, and collect stars from all across the beautiful game. Here’s what has changed and what has stayed the same in FC 24 compared to FIFA.

FC 24 not only changed its name but also received a lot of changes to both its core gameplay and multiplayer system that players should know about before diving into single-player or online matchmaking. However, some of the most popular features from the FIFA series remain available in FC 24. FIFA 23 introduced female pro football players along with their tournaments and leagues so that players can recruit them into their club by pulling them out of packs. FC 24 continued this tradition, and now women players occupy an important role in the online mode format.

FC 24 cards and players are different from FIFA

One of the biggest changes in FC 24 is that player cards can now be upgraded. Before, player stats were basically stuck with whatever the card first said. However, players can now upgrade stats through regular play and investment, meaning that your particular favorite star can rise even higher. This system isn’t limited to top-tier cards either. Every card can be improved by completing tasks, regardless of its quality.

This will make a huge difference to prices and options in the transfer window when Bronze players are upgraded to Silver, or when world-class players enjoy even greater bonuses.

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This mechanic is especially useful for beginners who simply look at their level of FC 24 coins and make decisions on the development of the team. They can either improve the cards they already have and keep using them or put them up for sale to make a profit, allowing them to buy other worthwhile players. 

Whereas before you simply opened cards with unique goal celebrations and other features, now famous players will have descriptions and signature abilities. Neymar and Messi are masters of dribbling and shooting. Ronaldo has free kicks, sprints, and so on. All this will be displayed on the game card and have a real impact on in-game performance, most visible with flashy moves like feints and jerks.

Of course, you will still need to spend a lot of money on world-class players, because progress from FIFA 23 does not carry over, but you can always buy cheap FC 24 coins to get an in-game advantage.

FC 24 online multiplayer changes explained

Starting out in online multiplayer is no different in FC 24 than it was in FIFA. Players begin with a random assortment of players with which to field a team. From there, they play games in a division format with opponents of different strengths to determine a playing level.

After playing their placement matches, players will calibrate and receive your level. From the moment you receive your rank in the division system, the growth, decline, and FC 24 coins earnings of a playing roster begin. To get a promotion, players must show the matchmaking system that their current opponents are no longer difficult by winning more often than they lose.

Also, from the moment the divisions start, they have the opportunity to get into the weekend tournament, which can potentially earn at least one gold set of professional football players. To do this, they must regularly play matches throughout the week to accumulate 1,250 points. That cutoff is the qualifying point for the tournament.

The best ways to get FC 24 coins

There’s more than just rank on the line in FC 24 multiplayer. Wins and draws can also earn you rewards over the course of a season.

No different than in FIFA, all players in FC 24 have their own weekly tasks that reward coins that can be used to upgrade your team in the transfer window. The tasks relate to actions both on the pitch and off, such as releasing players, representing one country, scoring goals, throwing outs, playing without penalty cards, and so on.

The in-game explanation is that the board of directors sets tasks for your team and rewards you with coins for completing them, saving you from having to buy FC 24 coins. That makes online one of the most profitable modes for earning money, leading to sharp fluctuations in prices for certain players in the transfer window.

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The catch is that you may have the task of releasing certain players onto the field, and in the absence of such cards, you’ll need to stock up on what you need. For example, players tasked with representing Ireland will need to snatch up as many Irish players as they can. This can raise the price of unusually cheap players, but you can always recoup your expenses with the rewards for completing tasks. Players will need to complete as many challenges as they can to earn 1,250 points and qualify for the weekend tournaments.

To qualify, you need to take part in ten matches and win at least four. A draw is excluded, with only victories and defeats counting toward the total. The result will be decided by extra time or a penalty shootout if necessary. Even if you lose all the matches, you will receive at least one gold set, and if you win the required minimum, you can get a few more.

Once you qualify for the weekend league, you will play 20 matches, where for each victory you will move forward along the path of rewards. These grant the opportunity to win new gold packs, FC 24 coins, goal celebration cards, and stadiums. The opponents will be selected differently since the division level is not taken into account. This makes it all the more interesting to try your hand and train the teamwork of your club.