What types of companies are sponsoring esports teams?

By Jared Wynne


Jun 11, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Esports has become tremendously popular in recent years, pulling in large viewership numbers across a variety of titles. And esports has proven to have a reach beyond the gaming industry. It has changed the way sponsors reach its prized demographic as esports are increasingly visible across streams, television, and elsewhere.

The esports audience is growing at a rapid pace. Many fans already have favorite teams they’re loyal too. This has led to increasing focus from brands. So who is it that’s sponsoring esports teams around the world?

BMW, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull are just a few of the notable names involved. And there are more getting involved every week.

Hardware companies

When it comes to gaming, having good accessories is a top priority. A decent mouse, keyboard, headphones, and screen all help to increase performance. In order to increase brand exposure, many leading hardware producers chose to collaborate with esports teams and events. They will often put their logo on the equipment or gear, which is then used during live broadcasts.

Online casino operators

The online casino industry has a huge customer base, which is steadily growing each and every year. There are many reasons for this. First, more real money online casinos offer live bets on esports tournaments, adding an extra layer to the game. Esports has come to the rescue, as betting on League of Legends or Counter-strike: Global Offensive continues to be increasingly accessible.

Sponsorship is a way of increasing the popularity of casino brands, which automatically gains them access to new market segments.

Energy drinks

Even beyond Red Bull, there are other energy companies also involved in the esports industry, often at a large scale. With events and tournaments lasting for hours and often being a draining test of strength and stamina, a little boost can mean a lot. This has made energy drinks a staple of the space, so it’s no surprise that the companies promoting them would be involved.

Television and film

Global broadcasters and online streaming platforms are a natural partner for esports given the broad audiences and the platforms’ digital nature. Companies like HBO and Netflix can further diversify their audience outreach by appealing directly to gamers.

Sports clubs

Many sports clubs and franchises are working their way into the world of esports. FC Barcelona has its own esports team, and many American sports owners also own esports organizations. As the industry continues to grow, it’s likely that more teams and owners will get involved.