What might change for online gaming in 2021

By William Davis


Dec 10, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Online gaming has been gaining more and more popularity during the past several years. This trend has been further accelerated in 2020 thanks to more people spending time inside. The stock markets soared for companies like Netflix, AMD, and Microsoft. And Twitch saw record viewership and the highest number of streamers it ever had. 

Nobody knows for certain what the future holds in the world of online entertainment and particularly online gaming. But there are certain indications of further growth in certain areas, pointed out by Szilvia Sultés. View her profile here.

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A rise in online casino games

Online casinos are big in Hungary. There is a long list of casinos that are available for Hungarian players, one of them being Bwin casino. One reason why online casinos are winning the hearts of more and more players is that they can be played on smartphones. 

No need to invest in an expensive laptop or PC and sit by the desk away from loved ones. With many casino applications available for free both for Android and iPhones, bettors can catch a quick spin while sitting on the bus or join a live casino roulette game while half-concentrating on a movie from the sofa.

Virtual reality is gaining popularity

Wearing a virtual reality headset is a completely different experience than looking at a screen. These devices have existed for a few years now, but the high cost of getting them prevents mass use in the online gaming environment. 

The stimulating experience one gets with VR goggles cannot be compared to anything though, so serious gamers might find these devices a necessity and not a luxury. As technology advances, VR devices might very well become the “reality” of everyday people.

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Esports is conquering the world

Esports has been becoming popular exponentially during the last few years. Again, as more and more people spend time at home, they not only like to play games but watch other people play them. What was once a hobby has turned into a full-time profession for many serious gamers. And there is serious money at stake. In Hungary, there are over 200,000 esports players and the number rises every year.

In international esports tournaments (for example the Dota 2 Tournament) there can be huge prizes and spectators can stream and bet on them on betting websites, or simply observe them on streaming platforms like Twitch. As the real-money rewards are growing and so are the streamed hours worldwide, it is safe to assume the esports growing trend will continue in 2021.

Payment by cryptocurrency is the new norm

The idea of using cryptocurrencies for payments is more and more accepted. Thanks to platforms, such as the fintech giant Revolut, buying, selling and paying with cryptocurrencies is just as easy as using a debit card. 

Paying with cryptocurrencies in online casinos is becoming popular due to low (or sometimes zero) transaction fees. These payments are even more secure than paying with the traditional currencies.

As crypto rates fluctuate, trading them gives the same thrill as gambling. When sports games were canceled due to health concerns, many bettors turned to crypto trading instead. Even after sporting events return, many will surely continue trading and paying with crypto.


Online gaming shows clear signs of further growth. New technologies and new trends keep forming the gaming market. They make accessing games easier and more stimulating, as well as making the payments and withdrawal in casinos more efficient and secure. 

Because of this, experts are expecting major growth in esports, cryptocurrency usage, and virtual reality, and a continuing upward trend in the field of online gambling.