What is the Twitch Founders Badge and how do you get one?

By Steven Rondina


May 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch is all about showing off, and that goes for viewers almost as much as it does for the actual streamers. One of the ways viewers can do show off is with the badges next to their names.

Twitch has a number of different badges that appear near users’ names, including subscriber badges and Twitch prime badges, as well as rarer badges that are attached to specific events. The biggest flex there is on Twitch for larger channels is having a Founders Badge.

The Founder Badge is an extremely rare badge that is only available to certain people in certain channels. Here’s how it works, and how to get one.

How to get Twitch Founders Badge

Twitch Founders Badges are specifically reserved for the first subscribers for Twitch affiliates and partner channels. The Founders Badge serves as a replacement for the standard subscriber badge for the first people to ever subscribe to these channels. For affiliate channels, the first 10 subscribers receive a Founders Badge, while the first 25 subscribers receive the badge on partnered channels.

Only these first 10 or 25 users have access to Founders Badges for these specific channels. The badges don’t roll over to other users and are effectively “owned” by the first users to claim them, but the users must be subscribed in order to have the badge actively displayed.

For example, the first person to subscribe to an affiliate channel will have a Founders Badge in that channel. If they do not renew their subscription, the badge will not appear, but it will not be transferred to a different person either. If the original owner of the Founders Badge decides to renew their subscription at a later time, the Founders Badge will then reappear.

How to disable Twitch Founders Badge

Users may decide to show the standard subscription badge in place of the Founders Badge. It is possible to do this, but it is somewhat hidden in Twitch’s menus. Here’s how to bring back the standard subscription badge:

  1. Go to settings page
  2. Click to “Security and Privacy” section
  3. Scroll down to “Hide Founders Badge” module
  4. Flip switch to disable Founders Badge

Once the Founders Badge is disabled, subscribers will instead have the standard subscription badge for a channel. Users can go back and enable the Founders Badge at any time.