What is the hardest level in all of GTFO?

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 18, 2023

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A single level in GTFO can take hours of planning and even more hours of execution just to complete a single time, but which one is the absolute hardest of them all?

GTFO is famous for its unique content system, grimy futuristic aesthetic, and brutally punishing difficulty. A single curveball can throw hours of preparation down the drain, and the harder levels require at least some trial and error. At least developer 10 Chambers puts warning signs for the hard stuff, with the letter system and secondary objectives.

However, no matter how you slice it, some levels are reserved for only the most skilled players. If you’re a newer GTFO player and want to experience the absolute hardest challenges of all, you may need to unlock more than just one level.

Is R4E1 or R7D2 the hardest level in GTFO?

Depending on if you count secondary objectives, the hardest GTFO level is often considered to be R4E1 or R7D2.

If your definition includes secondary objectives, R4E1 is a common pick for the hardest level in GTFO. The secondary objective is a six-code reactor sequence, putting a ton of stress on both resources and endurance. The cherry on top are the ten invisible Scouts scattered throughout the secondary, and the quadruple Mother room can quickly finish off an unprepared party. All of that is on top of the main level, which features a rotating poison fog cloud and eight zones to clear through.

However, if you’re solely considering the main objective, R7D2 likely takes the cake over R4E1. AWOL is infamously tough. The starting area includes a room with several Charger scouts and it only gets harder from there. A constant error alarm will spawn Giants, Big Shooters, and Hybrids that chase you through rooms with equally dangerous enemies. It’s a constant push to the exit, and the large amount of resources doesn’t come even close to compensating. 

GTFO Rundown 4

To cap it off, the extraction takes place in total darkness and adds invisible enemies to the error alarm. The insane difficulty makes it nearly impossible for all but the most accomplished players, making speedruns all the more impressive.

Some may be surprised by R7E1’s exclusion on this list. That level’s gimmick is an invincible tank that constantly follows the players around. The level is still among the hardest in all of GTFO since it requires careful coordination to tackle full team scans. However, the gimmicky nature of its difficulty makes it easier to tackle in the eyes of the community. It’s also commonly called boring compared to other devilish E levels.


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