What is The Finals? A new shooter from ex-Battlefield devs

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 27, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The Finals may look like yet another class-based battle royale, but there’s a lot more to the upcoming title than meets the eye.

With so many options to pick from it, squad-based shooter fans have become flush with choice. However, at least one more developer is willing to throw its hat in the ring. Embark Studios, a new developer partially made up of ex-Battlefield devs, is now ambitiously pursuing a new spin on the genre. Here’s what we know about The Finals and when it may get a formal release.

The key gimmick of the game is large-scale destruction, similar to mechanics shown in the Battlefield series. Buildings can collapse in on themselves, and smaller structures like bridges and hallways can be blown to bits by players. All of that chaos wraps around an ability-based squad shooter. The trailer shows the game with a self-aware video game aesthetic, with characters bursting into coins when shot. Matches are justified as an in-universe game show, hence the wacky cosmetics and massive destruction.

Possible 2024 release date for The Finals

The Finals does not have an announced release date planned, meaning that it could release in 2024.

Trailers and beta information do not show an intended release date for the ambitious shooter, and its current status in a closed beta means that it will probably be unavailable for a long time. The trailer wasn’t even willing to give a year for release, meaning that developer Embark probably isn’t sure if it will be a 2023 or 2024 release. With that in mind, early 2024 is a safe bet for an intended release. However, The Finals release date could be late in 2023 or well into 2024.

The Finals is currently in closed beta, with access only available by applying through Steam. The developer has laid out plans for further tests as the game gets closer to release, but there’s no way to just download the game and mess around. Feedback from alpha testers has been largely positive, but the game is still in a nascent state. Embark will have plenty of time to further develop and polish The Finals before a potential 2024 release date.

What developer is making The Finals?

Embark Studios, which was founded by ex-Battlefield developers, is making The Finals along with other high-tech projects.

Embark currently has no released project, but the company appears to be simultaneously working on multiple releases. In addition to The Finals, Embark is advertising a third-person squad shooter named ARC Raiders. The website also shows glimpses of a social platform named Creative Playground that may involve virtual reality.

The Finals clutchpoints announcement

The team behind Embark Studios includes two major names Patrick Söderlund and Rob Runesson, who both cut their game dev teeth working on the Battlefield series. Both left the company in 2018 to found Embark, meaning they had nothing to do with the lackluster release of 2042 last year. The pair bring plenty of experience with large-scale urban combat.

In addition to Embark, the beta trailer also shows that the Korean game distribution platform Nexon will be involved with the game. It’s not clear if Nexon intends to be the global publisher of the title or if it will only manage it in Asia. However, a partnership being confirmed this early could point to worldwide release intentions.