What is IgniteRP? The GTA RP group throwing it back to the 80s

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IgniteRP is the newest kid on the block for Grand Theft Auto roleplay, but what is making the new server so popular?

GTA Online is almost a decade old now, but players have found ways to keep the game fresh thanks to alternate online game modes. Roleplay is among the most popular, with a wide variety of servers and rulesets to pick from. IgniteRP is the newest option for players and streamers to explore, and its unique theme and rules have let it hit the ground running.

The first thing setting IgniteRP apart from the pack is its theme. Ignite players roleplay as if the server is set in the 1980s, giving it a unique, retro feel. Players wear 80s fashion and drive vintage cars to help complete the feel. Even the weapons are limited to time-appropriate options. The server even features custom lore to help roleplayers get a feel for it. 

IgniteRP only launched on April 1, 2023, but it has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for GTA Online roleplaying. The invite-only server has been showcased on tons of different livestreams, and streamers appreciate Ignite’s strict access and fun theming. However, there’s more to its burgeoning popularity than just being new.

The success of IgniteRP is at least partially attributed to what is going on in other big GTA RP servers.

Part of the reason IgniteRP has exploded over the past month is due to drama and events in other popular servers. The owner of NoPixel had previously been accused of allowing harassment of other users, and consequential rule changes have been controversial in the community. District 10 has experienced similar controversies owed to its extremely lax ruleset. Larger streamers have even left entirely for IgniteRP, bringing their audiences with them.

While faltering competition plays a role, the success of IgniteRP is still largely due to its novelty. It’s a new and exclusive server that is still under heavy moderation, and the theme helps people stick to their roles more closely. It’s also a “slow burn” server, meaning that consequences for crimes are intended to last several days rather than just an hour or two.