What is Eridanus 2 in Halo? Master Chief’s homeworld explained

By Nicholas James


Apr 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Master Chief’s homeworld has been revealed as Eridanus 2 in the Halo show, here’s what you need to know about the outer rim planet.

Eridanus 2 is an outer colony of the United Earth Government, and the home of at least two famous Spartan super-soldiers. Eridanus 2 was one of many outer colonies that grew disillusioned with the far away ruling body. It was swept up in pro-independence rebellion for many years ahead of the events of the Halo show.

In the third episode of the Halo show, Master Chief John-117’s homeworld is revealed to be none other than Eridanus 2. This creates a rough duality with the character, given where he stands in the Silver Timeline.

What is Eridanus 2 in the Halo show?

Eridanus 2 is a colonized planet on the far reaches of the UEG’s influence.

As in the games, it gets involved in separatist rebellions following generations of poor treatment by Earth’s government. It also appears to be the site of a Forerunner ruin that holds the mysterious Keystones that hold the secret to the Halo rings.

Throughout the Halo show, Master Chief has been slowly regaining his memories from his life before the Spartan-II program. In the third episode, it’s revealed that Master Chief interacted with a Forerunner Keystone when he was a child on the outer colony. This interaction with the ancient race’s technology seems to be what elevated John to being a “Blessed One,” one of the humans able to interact with Forerunner technology without being driven mad.

John isn’t the only Spartan-II recruit from the planet in the games either, with fan-favorite Emil-A239 also hailing from the outer colony. Both were kidnapped and replaced by clones designed to die as children in order to be turned into Spartans. These super-soldiers were meant to put down rebellions in the very planets they were stolen from by Doctor Halsey and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The third episode of the Halo show ended with Master Chief headed home to Eridanus 2, which has not yet been glassed by the Covenant like in normal Halo canon.