What is crowd control score in League of Legends?

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Crowd control in League of Legends is vitally important in fights and skirmishes. To track how much crowd control a player does, developer Riot Games has implemented the crowd control score.

Most players know about vision score, which totals up the effective vision a player creates around the map. But crowd control score is often an overlooked stat that few players notice. This might be due to the fact that it’s harder to find, but it can be a very important stat to track when trying to improve in League of Legends. It’s time to take a look at what the crowd control score means and why it’s useful to keep an eye on. 

How does crowd control score work in LoL?

The crowd control score (CCS) is a stat that calculates the amount of crowd control a player creates during a game. The crowd control score was introduced in 2017 and remains fairly unknown among players. It’s calculated based on the amount of time a player impaired an enemy throughout a game. It’s worth noting that it varies based on the type of crowd control used. For example, hard crowd control such as stuns weighs higher than slows, blinds, and other milder types of crowd control.   

The CCS score will show in the end-game lobby under all combat stats. For some champions, it will be an important stat to look at after the game, while it’s potentially misleading for others. Champions with AOE slow or other types of crowd control can end up scoring an artificially big CCS, so keep that in mind.  

Crowd control score

Why is crowd control score important?

While the CCS stat might not be useful to every champion in the game, it can be important to look at when trying to improve on certain champions. For example, support players might want to take a look at the CCS when playing certain champions such as Leona, Alistar, Rell, Thresh, and other engage supports. 

Having a low CCS score compared to other players in the same role might indicate that there is something to improve on. A CCS below average can mean that the player isn’t using spells consistently or hitting enough skill shots with crowd control. 

Who has the most crowd control in LoL?

A lot of champions in League of Legends have a kit full of crowd control. Crowd control champions are most often seen in the support or jungle position. For support champions, Alistar and new champion Rell are great options. Both champions have the ability to lock down targets with hard crowd control for several seconds to secure easy kills. At other positions, Sett is a great example of a champion with crowd control baked into most of his abilities. 


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