What is a Dispatch Mission in GTA Online?

By Melany Moncada


Feb 1, 2023

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GTA Online has a variety of missions that players can complete to earn rewards. In 2018, the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series introduced the Madrazo Dispatch Services, also known as Dispatch Missions, in GTA Online. These are a series of missions assigned by Martin Madrazo that are available for groups of up to four players.

Martin Madrazo is a character first introduced in GTA V. Michael destroys one of Madrazo’s properties, which forces him to return to the life of crime. Madrazo is the leader of a powerful Mexican cartel with a lot of friends and foes that he will look to take out. Madrazo doesn’t discriminate, and if he suspects that one of his allies might become a problem, he puts a bounty on them.

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In GTA Online, Madrazo is one of the people hiring the protagonist to do different jobs. When players reach rank 18, they will receive a call from Madrazo, who will introduce himself and the Gang Attacks feature. At this point, the player is tasked with destroying rivals’ hideouts.

Once the first mission is completed, the player will meet Madrazo in person, who will then start assigning the Dispatch Missions.

What are the Dispatch Missions in GTA Online?

Madrazo Dispatch Services consists of six missions that revolve around players assassinating a group of targets.

In Dispatch I, a person close to Madrazo, has been incarcerated. To prevent any kind of leak of information, he wants this person dead. To complete this mission, players must go to Mission Row Police Station. Take out all the police officers inside the station. Enter the cell area using the computer or an explosive, they must open the door and take out the target. Afterward, all players must flee the area and lose the wanted level. The mission is complete only when all the players run from the cops.

In Dispatch II, players must find the FIB agent that is buying information from the Merryweather mercenaries. The meeting is taking place at the Merryweather Headquarters on Elysian Island. Players must infiltrate the area, locate the meeting and take out the FIB agent. Once the target is dead, an alarm will notify the rest of the mercenaries about the murder. Players must leave the island.

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The target in Dispatch III is a translator who used to work for Madrazo. The translator is about to be transported to a black site, and Madrazo doesn’t want any loose ends. At the Los Santos International Airport, players must locate and infiltrate the Devin Weston Hangar and kill the translator before it enters the armored plane. Another alternative is to wait until the target is inside the plane and use a rocket launcher. Armored planes can take three missiles before exploding. Once the translator is dead, leave the area and lose the wanted level.

Dispatch IV targets one of Madrazo’s dealers. The man is meeting with the Vagos, a rival cartel in Los Santos. The meeting is taking place at the Rogers Salvage and Scrap recycling plant. Players can choose between quietly assassinating the members of the Vagos posted outside or confronting them. The building has two entrances, so players can choose either to enter the building or go upstairs. On the second floor, players will find more enemies to take down. Madrazo’s dealer will be hidden under the cardboard. Kill him and leave the recycling plant.

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Dispatch V follows multiple targets. This time, it is a crew that is laying low between jobs. For the mission, Madrazo will give the players two helicopters, an unarmed Nagasaki Buzzard helicopter, and a Maverick. There are five targets in total, located here:

  • On top of the Mile High Club skyscraper, the building is under construction.
  • Lifting off the Richard Majestic skyscraper in a helicopter
  • A hotel in Meteor Street, Alta
  • A mansion on Normandy Drive, Vinewood Hills
  • Driving a modified Sultan RS through Little Seoul

Once players kill the first target, they will have seven minutes to take out the rest of the targets. Given the limited window of time, the best option is to create a route ahead of taking this mission and planning which targets to take first.

The final mission is Dispatch VI. A corrupt officer that used to be on Madrazo’s payroll is being transferred between protection sites by the Internal Affairs Department. The number of targets will depend on the number of players in the mission, there is one target per player. Each target is getting transported in a convoy of armored trucks, escorted by a Police cruiser. The route starts on Davis Avenue. Players must take the targets as fast as possible and lose the police. All players must be cleared before the mission is completed.

What is the easiest way to complete the Dispatch Mission in GTA Online?

Dispatch Missions are difficult from the start. Dispatch I takes place inside a police station full of armed police officers. The only way to fail the mission is to run out of lives. Teams get lives based on the number of members in the crew. Two players get one life.

In these missions, the best strategy is to divide and conquer, so communication is key. Make sure you are taking the missions with friends you can have on a call. If one player is covering the left, another is covering the right. With more players in the crew, you can cover more angels.

Having body armor is mandatory in these missions. There will be multiple opponents shooting at you at once. Some of them carry heavy weaponry, the more you can endure during these missions, the better.

When it comes to weapons, you need a lot of ammunition and heavy weapons. A simple gun won’t do the job. If you can get your hands on a rocket launcher, you will be able to shoot at the enemies as you flee the scene.

In some of the missions, you must run away from the police. Keep in mind that you cannot call Lester, the tech-savvy ally that can remove your wanted level. During the Dispatch Mission, you are on your own.

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One strategy that some players have used is simply flying away. During Dispatch I, Madrazo tells the player that there is an exit available on the rooftop of the police station. Here, players can find a Police Maverick that can be used to escape. This route involves facing more police officers than you would face by walking out the front door.

Helicopters are not the only way to fly in GTA Online. You can buy The Deluxo and use it for the Dispatch missions. The Deluxo is a sports car added to the game as part of the Doomsday Heist update. It is the only car that can fly in the game and can seat two people.

It is not a cheap car, but considering how useful it is, The Deluxo is a good investment. The car sells for $4,721,500, and the trade price drops to $3,550,000. Using The Deluxo, players can take off and lose the wanted level easily. The most they will receive in the early missions is a three-star wanted level, meaning that no helicopter will chase you. If you fly high and far enough, the wanted level will drop in less than a minute.


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