What happened to FaZe Rain? FaZe co-owner updates fans

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 24, 2021

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Nordan “Rain” Shat was kicked out of the FaZe house last year and has now finally released an update on his recovery. After months of silence, it seems that Rain is getting better. 

Taking to Twitter, FaZe Clan co-owner Nordan Shat updated fans on his health. 

According to the tweet, he has been drug-free for five months now, following a massive controversy involving other members of the team. 

What happened to FaZe Rain? 

Controversies and dramas are a standard part of FaZe Clan’s history. While petty disputes slide into the background after a few days, Rain’s drug issue snowballed into a massive conflict. 

The tension showed when Rain was forced out of the FaZe house in March 2020. In a mansion where all FaZe members lived as a team, this news was shocking for fans. At first, clan members and Rain tried to tackle the mess by saying that the move had been a mutual decision. However, Rain later came out and accused the organization of unfair treatment and of kicking him out of the mansion against his will. The claims incited a response from Ricky “Banks” Bengston, another FaZe co-owner who revealed Rain’s addiction to drugs and consequential mental health issues.

Refuting claims of maltreatment, Banks denounced that Rain had backed out when offered help. 

Rain’s condition seemingly deteriorated from there. In a series of Tweets, the co-owner expressed his daily struggle with drugs and depression. His addiction didn’t just puncture his mental health but also had an adverse impact on his physical condition. Abuse of substances resulted in a loss of motor function in his legs. A quick look in Rain’s history showed that the co-owner has dealt with mental health challenges for some time. 

The online brawl with his friends led to a series of painful tweets from Rain’s end. After a social media vent, he went completely off the radar. Sources reported that he’s finally getting treated and going through a recovery process. 

Where is FaZe Rain now? 

It seems that his recent treatment was fruitful as FaZe Rain’s new tweet confirms his apparent good health. After a tough battle, the co-owner of FaZe Clan has successfully avoided drugs for over five months. Fans flooded his Tweet with wholesome messages in response, wishing him good health and fortune. 

It’s yet to be said whether FaZe Rain will get back to business and start pushing new YouTube content. The YouTuber boasts 5.4 million subscribers on his channel, many of whom are waiting for more videos as he gets better.


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