What are the Need for Speed Unbound game modes?

By Melany Moncada


Dec 4, 2022

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Need for Speed Unbound is about more than just driving around Lakeshore and having the coolest car. Need for Speed Unbound has two game modes plus a list of challenges for players to enjoy.

It is a common misconception that racing cars have no story or are just about driving. Longrunning racing franchises like Need for Speed often have long-running stories for players to explore. Need for Speed Unbound has two modes for players to choose from.

The first of two Need For Speed Unbound game modes is Story Mode, a single-player campaign. The player takes the role of a young driver trying to leave his mark in the streets of Lakeshore, a fictional version of Chicago. The driver competes in qualifiers to earn a spot in the Grand, the ultimate racing challenge in the city. The player’s goal is to win the Grand and reclaim a custom car that was stolen from them.

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In the Story Mode, players will have to face other drivers but also the Lakeshore Police Department. Players can earn money by winning races that they can then use to sign up for other races or buy improvements for their cars.

The second mode is Lakeshore Online, a multiplayer mode that has its own progression system different from Story Mode. Players can form parties of four and drive around Lakeshore. There are different races for players to take part in. The time and weather conditions change, so it is not the same race all the time.

Regardless of what mode players pick, they can complete the challenges. The objectives could be skill, activity, story, or collectible based. Completing the challenges rewards tags, driver poses, samples, and cars.

Is Need for Speed Unbound on steam?

Need for Speed Unbound is available on Steam. The game has crossplay, making it possible for players to create parties and compete in the Lakeshore Online mode together.


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