What are the GTA Online gun van discounts?

By Melany Moncada


May 11, 2023

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The gun van in GTA Online is one of the best ways to obtain weapons with notable discounts. The gun van changes location, and we’ll tell you what the best way to find it is.

In GTA Online, you can purchase weapons at Ammu-Nation, the weapon store that can be found at different points on the map. Different locations have different weapons, and some cannot be found in stock at all. Enter the gun van in GTA Online and its discounts.

How to find the gun van in GTA Online

The gun van spawns at different locations every day. The spawns don’t follow a recognizable pattern, so it is impossible to predict where they will appear next. The gun van only shows on the map when you get close to it.

The only way to guarantee you always find the gun van is to subscribe to GTA+. This is one of the multiple benefits included in the subscription. Other benefits include monthly cash and free vehicles.

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What is in discount at the gun van in GTA Online?

The main advantage of the gun van is the discounts. Each weapon is for sale at a significant discount in comparison with the prices at Ammu-Nation. However, these prices are still high and will require players to have enough money to spend.

For example, the Combat Shotgun is available at Ammu-Nation for $295,000. That same gun is available in the gun van for $265,500. All the weapons in the gun van have discounts between 10% and 30%, prices change every day.

In the most recent update, all guns that are available in Ammu-Nation can now be found in the gun van. Including the Railgun, a weapon added to the game as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

The Railgun has a $730,000 price tag and is likely to have a discounted price at the gun van soon.


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