Week 6 mission guide for The International 2022 battle pass

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Week six of The International 2022 battle pass is here with more free levels.

Another batch of missions means three more free levels for Dota 2 fans grinding the battle pass. This week’s selection is varied with multiple easy missions. However, two missions stand out as particularly difficult compared to previous weeks. Here’s what the missions require and which heroes are best for grinding them out.

The International 2022 battle pass week 6 mission guide

The International mission

You Always Play The Right Thing

This first pompously-named mission is as straightforward as all the previous weeks’ starters. 15 games of Dota 2 equals three stars of progress towards unlocking this week’s free levels. The additional free levels added in week four require a similar amount of games anyway, so buckle down and grind out matches to get those free levels.

Safety Patrol

Saving teammates isn’t the flashiest way to win a game of Dota 2, but the carry hovering at 50 HP will always thank you. Safety Patrol requires players to prevent lethal damage to another hero. The strange way the mission is worded means that this must be done across multiple games with six as the minimum. Oracle is the most obvious choice, but other supports with defensive buffs like Lich can also contribute.

Click Faster

Last week’s mission Click Smarter was a clear precursor to this mission. Click Faster requires players to win games as agility heroes. Eight games can go by quickly while completing other challenges, so try to pick heroes from the middle row. The majority of agility heroes are cores, but support players can try out Vengeful Spirit, Hoodwink, Mirana, or Nyx Assassin. Expect a mission named “Click Stronger” for week seven.

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The Real MMR

Queue Time Trivia is a recurring The International battle pass feature, the removal of achievements means there’s not much reason to engage with it in 2022. Now well past 6 million questions, Dota 2 players are finally encouraged to play it. Players must correctly answer 35 questions about item recipes, ability sounds, and more. Answering difficult questions correctly earns more points, so pay special attention to the starting stat question.

Bounty Bonanza

Expect your lane supports to leave the lane for bounties this week. Bounty Bonanza requires players to pick up five, 15, and 45 bounty runes across multiple matches. Mid-laners who rush Bottle are probably best suited for this mission, but pesky position fours can also fill the role. Even though battle points are on the line, try not to steal too many from your position two.

Destination Murder

This final mission is one of the most difficult tasks Valve has handed out so far. Teleporting in to get kills is a frequent occurrence, but three stars require a grand total of 50 kills. The best hero for the task is probably Tinker, who can teleport often and blink into the fight from a range. Mid-heroes who go Boots of Travels can also get more teleport kills than the average hero. Finish up your 50th kill to claim three stars for The International 2022 battle pass week five.


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