We finally know what Jhin looks like beneath his mask

By Steven Rondina


Aug 21, 2021

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One of League of Legends’ biggest mysteries may have just been solved.

There are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to LoL. Why did Jinx and Vi have a falling out? Who are the other two Darkin? How can someone’s life go so wrong that they wind up becoming a Yasuo main?

One of them has been what Jhin’s face looks like under his iconic mask, but that mystery has finally been solved. A set of concept art created by Wild Blue Studios for the Marvel Comics 2019 mini-series based on Zed was leaked almost a year ago, with a set of images for Jhin being among them. Though that initial leak had Jhin’s unmasked face partly obscured by a black bar, the uncensored version of it was recently posted onto Wild Blue Studios’ ArtStation page, revealing the champion’s face:

Blog post image

The artwork was taken down after some time, but was reposted not long after with his face scratched out. That was still more than enough time for the images to be saved and proliferated onto Reddit.

Former Riot Games employees confirmed the leak in a post on Reddit, vouching for the authenticity of the artwork. According to the individual, the concept art was sent to Marvel in anticipation of Jhin’s face being revealed in the comics, but plans for the unmasking never came to fruition.

Though the reveal was somewhat unceremonious, League of Legends fans were generally enthusiastic about what Jhin looks like. The character looks like a normal person as was described in his lore, but has an unsettling dead-eye stare that befits a villainous character like Jhin. It also aligns with previous comments on the character by Riot Games that suggested that he wouldn’t stand out if not for his mask.

It’s still technically possible that Riot Games could simply say that this isn’t Jhin’s real face, and that there hasn’t been a canonical reveal as of yet despite this artwork being made for a comic that is canon within League of Legends. But this is still what Jhin’s real face was meant to look like for the series.

What does Zed look like under his mask?

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The concept art showing a maskless Jhin was for a comic starring Zed and featuring Shen. Though Jhin was never officially unmasked in the comic, both Zed and Shen were.

Neither hero’s face was a mystery for long, with Zed’s maskless face being featured right on the cover of the series’ first issue while Shen’s was revealed within its pages. Zed’s face is largely unremarkable outside his silver hair, while Shen looks the part of an action movie star with his hulking muscles and square jaw. Though both had hairstyles that were well past their expiration dates in 2019, it’s hard to complain about seeing the characters’ true faces.

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There are many other masked champions in LoL, but not many still have any mystery associated with their face at this point. Pyke taking his mask off is in his in-game laugh animation, and Master Yi’s face is shown in the Eternal Sword Skin.


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