Watch this Nautilus secure a kill with a crazy trick recall

By Christian Vejvad


May 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The unexpected Dredge Line will always be the deadliest one, as one tricky Nautilus showed in a recent game. 

A trending clip on social media shows a Nautilus fooling the enemy bot lane into thinking he had recalled. With this simple trick, Nautilus stealthily remained in the lane and baited the enemy into a fight. This resulted in those enemies getting a bad surprise when Nautilus used Dredge Line (Q) from the bush to secure a sneaky kill, which might enable other players to try out the same thing in solo queue. 

To pull off this innovative play, the Nautilus placed himself just on the edge of the bush to remain visible to the enemy. While recalling, the enemy Tristana and Yuumi could follow his backing to know when he was off to his base. Little did they know that Nautilus had the play calculated, and had canceled the recall just a split second before it was set to go off. 

By stepping into the bush right after canceling, it looked like he completed the recall. With confidence that Nautilus was gone, Tristana jumps in to engage on the Twitch that seems to be left alone. Right after the jump, Nautilus pops back up from the bush and lands his anchor. Followed up by Evelynn, who had sneaked into the bush as well, Tristana didn’t have a chance to survive despite immediate help from Yuumi.  

This resulted in a kill for Twitch. The recall trick didn’t require much time or energy, making it a play that many players can now try to pull off in solo queue. Next time an opponent is recalling right beside the bush, make sure to double-check before going in. 

Warden Nautilus

Is Nautilus a good support? 

Nautilus is one of those supports that will always find some use in any given meta. His large amount of crowd control makes him a great playmaker in most games, as he can make or break a fight. On patch 11.10, Nautilus seems to be in a healthy spot as a support. His win rate is at a solid 50.41% at Platinum rank and higher while being the fifth-most popular support pick. There is no doubt that Nautilus is a good support and a pick that most should consider in the role. 

Is Nautilus jungle viable? 

Nautilus has previously been seen in the jungle because of his gank potential and target lockdown. More recently, Nautilus has strictly been a support, but that might change soon. For the upcoming patch 11.11, Riot will be buffing Nautilus in the jungle by adding 200% increased damage against monsters to his Riptide (E). This will likely give Nautilus the clearing speed that he needs to once again become a scary jungler.  


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