Watch this former world champion win a 1v1 with just one hand

By Christian Vejvad


Mar 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Playing League of Legends with one hand is a challenge for most, but former Gen.G top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin managed to make it work in a recent solo queue game.

During a stream, CuVee managed to get first blood in a solo queue match while using his phone. CuVee made the play with just one hand, showing that he still has great skill despite being retired.

Just two minutes into the game, CuVee’s phone started ringing and he chose to pick up. From that point, he had to play with only one hand while the enemy Poppy was taking him on in an early scrap.  

CuVee’s Kayle gets first blood on Poppy while on phone

Going for an early fight on Kayle isn’t usually a wise choice, but it worked out for CuVee. After poking down Poppy at level 1, CuVee managed to kite her around while auto-attacking and popping his potions. CuVee even managed to hit Poppy successfully with a Radiant Blast (Q), even though it took a few more clicks than usual. 

As the fight went on, it was clear that it would come down to the last few points of health. After popping his Corrupting Potion twice and a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will by painstakingly clicking each item the mouse, CuVee managed to edge out the fight and survive with just three HP. It’s not a play that’s seen every day, and it will probably be a while until CuVee experiences it again.  

After getting the kill, CuVee teleported back to spend his hard-earned gold and returned to the lane with a big advantage. He also managed to conclude his phone call.    

Samsung Galaxy 2017

What happened to CuVee?

After retiring from professional play in October 2020, CuVee has returned to his old organization Gen.G and is now a streamer and content creator for that organization. CuVee played his final season as a professional with Hanwha Life but didn’t manage to make any noteworthy results while there. 

CuVee officially chose to retire in the offseason and is now streaming on a regular basis. All of this comes after a very successful career, starting back in 2014 when he joined Samsung Galaxy. Under that same team, CuVee managed to win the 2017 World Championship after beating SKT in a sensational 3-0 fashion. With that, CuVee will always be in the LoL history books as one of the game’s greatest top laners.