Watch this Alistar pull off a 1v5 pentakill in One for All

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Getting a pentakill on Alistar isn’t something most players will ever experience, but this player managed to pull it off and did it without help from anything but his own turret. 

In a recent highlight that went viral on social media, an Alistar player pulled off an impressive 1v5 pentakill in the featured game mode One for All. The pentakill included several outplays and a few missteps from the enemy who underestimated the crowd control of the Minotaur and the damage of turrets. In the end, Alistar could walk away with a lot of gold in his pocket and a tilted enemy team. 

Ali Penta from r/leagueoflegends

In the One for All match, the Alistar was against five Garen players who ended up overstaying their welcome. After killing all Alistar’s teammates, there was only one Minotaur left to save the fight. The turnaround was initiated with a clean flash plus Pulverize (Q) combo, which knocked up all five opponents who were already fairly low health. After the combo, the Garen squad didn’t think Alistar could do more so they chased under the turret. 

This is where things started to turn for the lonely Alistar, who managed to tank up tons of damage through his Unbreakable Will (R) and kite the opponents around under the turret. One by one, the Garen’s fell under the turret damage as Alistar picked up one kill after the other. 

After securing the first four kills, Alistar only had one target left to secure the infamous 1v5 pentakill. The last Garen already realized what was about to happen, so he tried to get away by running down the mid lane. After a long chase, Alistar caught up in time to secure the last and final kill for his streak. 

Pulling off a pentakill like this on Alistar will likely only happen once, and even though it was in One for All, it was an impressive task. 

One for All will be available in League of Legends through April, so there will be plenty of time to give a play like this a shot in the featured game mode. 

Moo Cow Alistar

Is Alistar good in LoL? 

Even after more than a decade in League of Legends, Alistar is still a great support pick. The tanky Minotaur is one of the most crowd-control heavy supports in the game and is able to tank more damage than most other champions.

Alistar is perfect to set up team fights or catch squishy opponents off guard. The same goes for Alistar in the featured game mode One for All, where funny permanent CC combos can be pulled off. 


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