Watch this 1% health Tahm Kench defeat a full health Riven 1v1

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

An epic battle between a Tahm Kench and Riven recently went viral in the League of Legends community, as Tahm Kench managed to come out victorious after starting the fight at extremely low health. 

The fight started after Tahm Kench exited a separate skirmish where he came out with just a sliver of health remaining after taking down the enemy Talon. As he thought he was safe, the enemy Riven arrived and for obvious reasons wanted to finish the low-health Tahm Kench. Unfortunately for Riven, the River King isn’t easy to take down, and ultimately ended up winning the fight despite Riven being at full health when the fight started. 

Updated abilities power Tahm Kench over Riven

Even though Tahm Kench would usually be dead in a fight like this, his newly updated abilities and items helped him win an unexpected fight. At the time of fighting, both Tahm Kench and Riven were at a fairly strong point in the game with several items each. Riven was building Stridebreaker and Black Cleaver, but it wasn’t enough to deal with the sneaky moves and healing from the Tahm Kench. 

For Tahm Kench, the fight was won by great control of his abilities and the right item usage to counter Riven. Tahm Kench was building a lot of armor, with Thornmail, Dead Man’s Plate, and Plated Steelcaps. These items alone mitigated the damage from Riven, and Tahm followed up by utilizing the healing from his new Tongue Lash (Q).

After his recent update, Tahm Kench heals himself for a percentage of his missing health when hitting an enemy with Tongue Lash. In this case, the healing was significant because of his very low HP. 

Throughout the fight, Tahm Kench hit a total of four Tongue Lashes. This was barely enough to keep him from taking lethal damage each time. Even though the Riven tried to burst out the required damage, the kiting and accuracy from Tahm Kench was just perfect. Tahm Kench was down to 29 health at his lowest, which makes the clutch play worthy of a highlight. 

Despite the great play, Tahm Kench and his team ultimately ended up losing the game after 29 minutes. Tahm Kench ended the game with an 8/5/3 scoreline, while Riven bounced back and ended up with 12 kills and five deaths.