Watch shroud get 3 clutch kills with 5 bullets in Valorant

By Nick Johnson


Mar 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Michael “shroud” Grzesiek might have returned to his streaming roots after retiring from pro play, but he still has the skills that made him a legend.

Valorant’s abilities often take center stage in Riot’s shooter, especially with the release of the game’s latest agent, Astra. But while playing out a match on Icebox, shroud showed that just because a game has powerful abilities doesn’t mean players need them to win fights. If you’re shroud, you don’t really need a ton of bullets, either.

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This one-on-three Valorant clutch is vintage shroud

During a recent Valorant stream, shroud found himself in a tough situation. Stuck on an eco round in a one-on-three post-plant situation, it didn’t look good for the former CSGO pro. The fact that the match was on Icebox didn’t help, either. 

Armed with a pistol, shroud had to clutch against three players in order to win the round. He snuck into A site behind Astra’s smoke ability and was lucky enough to find a dropped Vandal, but the gun only had six bullets in the magazine. If he reloaded, shroud would give away his position to the enemy team.

For everyone else, the clutch would have been nearly impossible. But Shroud isn’t like everyone else.

Shroud’s crosshair placement was perfect for the kills on Sage and Raze, but it was the final flick onto Reyna that was the most impressive. He knew that he only had three bullets to get the final kill, and a close look shows shroud pause for a split-second before tapping his way to a round win. The streamer clearly hasn’t lost a step since retiring from competitive shooters.

The clip also gives players just starting to play tactical shooters a valuable lesson. No matter what everyone says, “pros don’t fake” is a complete and total lie.


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