Warframe’s most expensive character is being given away for free

Kenneth Williams • July 13, 00:56

Loki Prime’s old age and extreme price tag made it an iconic Warframe status symbol. But now everyone can grab the ultra-rare set for free.

Digital Extremes has announced the watch rewards for their upcoming yearly announcement spree. TennoCon viewers on Twitch will receive a free Loki Prime with slot and pre-installed Orokin reactor. Loki Prime is the most expensive warframe in the game to trade for. Its price has tanked more than 60% since the announcement on July 12.

The Loki Prime giveaway was announced in a teaser trailer for TennoCon 2021. The brief trailer included a glimpse of a new story mission called The New War set in the open-world Plains of Eidolon. The Warframe Twitch giveaways include a free armor set, gunblade, longsword skin, and the priciest warframe in the game. 

Loki is one of eight original warframes released in the 2012 launch. Players have had almost a decade to master his stealthy toolkit. His prime variant was the sixth prime ever released, coming available on June 11, 2014. Loki’s prime parts were locked in the Prime Vault on May 17, 2016, removing its source item from all drop tables. The price of a Loki Prime set has climbed as high as 500 Platinum according to Warframe Market, equivalent to at least $25 USD. The high price and classic look have turn Loki Prime into one of Warframe’s most coveted status symbols. 

How to get Loki Prime for free

Players can redeem their free Loki Prime and Vastilok Gunblade by tuning into the official TennoCon stream when it airs on July 17. Attending a special in-game preview event will grant the Tannukai longsword skin and armor set. Twitch viewers must connect their accounts to their Warframe accounts through the Twitch interface in order to receive these rewards.

Warframe giveaways are frequent and are occasionally very generous. Weekly developer streams can reward players with rare resources, weapons parts, or Warframes. The game also has a long-running perks system with Twitch Prime. Other expensive item sets like Frost Prime have previously been given out through Amazon’s system.


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