Voyboy stuns youngrezzy with rap skills during Tyler1’s LoL tournament

Milo Webb • December 15, 2019 9:42 pm

Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani and the Shen god himself, “youngrezzy,” lit up the halftime show of Tyler1’s third annual League of Legends tournament the “Tyler1 Championship Series 2019” with an impromptu rap.

The first day of the TCS playoffs featured a handful of Twitch personalities serving as casters. During Voyboy and youngrezzy’s time at the proverbial desk, the pair took it upon themselves to hype up the chat and call out other content creators with a fire rap.

Youngrezzy started off with his own bars about redeeming himself, reigning as the king of plebs, and going to Tyler1.com to buy his mom a “reformed” apron. Voyboy acted as youngrezzy’s hype man until his partner suddenly passed the mic.

Voyboy surprised both youngrezzy and Twitch chat as he used his Patrick Star plush as a makeshift mic and proceeded to tear it up.

A flabbergasted youngrezzy tossed his mic to the ground as Voyboy concluded his rap.

“We can stop right there, man. We don’t even need to cast these boring games because you bitch-ass content creators don’t take time to perfect your craft, sit down, and actually write something,” youngrezzy said.

Voyboy chuckled as the two streamers settled down, and prepared to cover the upcoming game.

“That was off the top though,” Voyboy said.

Voyboy is a veteran LCS player and a popular figure in the LoL community. He previously served as mid laner for Team Dignitas and Curse and most recently played in top lane for Meme Stream Dream Team.

He and many other LoL personalities are taking part in this year’s TCS. 16 teams will compete for the chance to claim the title of TCS champions as well as a prize pool of $50,000.

The tournament began is currently underway, with the finals taking place on December 21. Fans can view the event on Tyler1’s Twitch channel.


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