Vitality reportedly bringing back Szygenda top instead of SLT

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After the first four weeks of the 2021 LEC Summer Split, It’s looking like Vitality might be swapping top laners once again. 

In a recent report by Dot Esports, it was discussed that Vitality will be promoting Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen back into the top lane after playing in the French LFL so far this split. He will replace Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez who was picked up by Vitality back in May to play as the starter this split. If the reports hold true, Vitality will be making the swap ahead of the upcoming fifth week of the split.  

The swap would happen after Vitality has performed very decently with its new talented roster. Vitality is currently tied for fifth place alongside G2 Esports with a 4-5 record. While the team has had its inconsistencies, it’s currently clear that all the roster moves during the mid-season break have paid off.  

With SLT returning to Vitality.Bee in the LFL, it will be an opportunity for him to carry his recent LEC experience over to that team. SLT has had some great games for a rookie, with solid performances on Lulu and Gwen. But SLT has also had some shaky games with a lot of deaths, and it still seems the French talent needs a bit more polish before he can be considered a top-tier player in Europe. 

This was generally thought to be the case for Szygenda after he played his rookie split with Vitality during the spring. The Danish top laner was originally picked up from AGO ROGUE after dominating the Polish scene. Szygenda ended his first split with Vitality finishing a disappointing 10th place, but he is now looking to return to the league with a renewed focus. It will be the first time Szygenda plays with the likes of mid laner Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov and jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, so he might look like a completely new player this time around.  

Szygenda has helped Vitality.Bee to a top spot in the LFL with a current record of 7-2. The 20-year-old top laner has played a lot of current meta champions such as Gwen, Renekton, and Jayce, and has had carry performances on them all. 

Szygenda will play his first game back in the LEC against Fnatic on Friday, July 9. 


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