Viper can singlehandedly open Split’s B site with these lineups

Fariha Bhatti • March 20, 2021 4:48 pm

Valorant’s most toxic agent, Viper, can be unstoppable on Split’s B bomb point if you know how to squeeze all the poison out of her kit. 

Most Valorant maps are designed to benefit the defenders. Tight entryways and lobbies are tricky to slide through and puts agents at a massive risk of dying to opponents’ utilities. For example, Split’s bomb point B can be a lion’s den if you don’t have viable agents to clear out chokepoints for you. To get site control on B, you may want to pick Viper as your leading champion. Here’s how she can bust open Split’s bomb point B solely with her kit. 

Important angles to clear out on B are the Back site, tower, alley, and default. These crucial points can be wiped out using Viper’s toxic screen, snake bite, and poison cloud. 

Use Viper’s wall to conceal the back of the site under haven. Place your crosshair at the intersection of the large tile and lay down the wall. The screen will land atop the boxes in B site, blocking the left side of the rafters, and B entrance from the defenders’ spawn. 

Split is a small map that allows for quick rotations. When you’re hitting bomb point B, you may want to block off alley to ensure a safe Spike plant. You can burn out the defender’s in B alley using this lineup. Stand on top of metal boxes and place your aim in the middle of the bin and the container. Using your ability bar, align your E power with the signboard and launch the device. 

The nook behind the wooden box is a predictable spot where enemies would often take cover. To clear out this angle, stand at the tire and use your ability HUD to guide your crosshair. Place the end of your skill bar at the corner of the taxi sign. Shoot the launcher to bite the enemies hiding behind the box. 

The final area left exposed is the B tower. This smoke will guarantee a safe detour to the B default site. Align your crosshair with the corrugated metal panels and aim under the wire. Throw the smoke, but only activate it when your team is ready to push. 

This is how the setup should look: 

You may want to line up your smoke and screen first and inform your teammates to prepare for a hard push. Throw the molotovs when they’re ready to start taking over the bomb point. 


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