Vancouver Titans announce Rogers Arena as home stadium for 2020

Olivia Richman • March 29, 2019 8:45 pm

Vancouver Titans have announced a home arena for the 2020 Overwatch League season.

The Stage 1 champions named Rogers Arena in Vancouver as their home stadium in a Twitter announcement. The arena seats over 18,000 people and most commonly hosts music and sporting events. Rogers Arena is also the home of the NHL team Vancouver Cancuks. The Canucks are owned by the Aquilini Investment Group, who also own the Titans.

Vancouver Titans owner Francesco Aquilini followed up the Twitter announcement with some clarification soon after.

“I jumped the gun a bit with the last tweet. We hope we’ll have some Vancouver Titans games at Roger Arena in 2020, but final details are still being worked out,” Aquilini said.

Aquilini then told fans to stay tuned.

Earlier this month, OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer announced that the Overwatch League would have a full home-and-away schedule in 2020. This has been the plan since the league’s inception, an attempt to not only mirror traditional sports leagues, but also to build up local fan support for the teams.

“In 2020, all teams will be returning to their home markets, and all matches will be played in one of the 19 cities around the world,” Nanzer said.

Other teams have already revealed official locations, including Philadelphia Fusion, who announced their own dedicated esports arena in southern Philadelphia. They won’t only have games there, but will also train, stream, review, and coach at the location.

There will be some home games played in the 2019 season too. This includes the Dallas Fuel’s Ultimate Weekend at the Allen Event Center from April 27 to April 28. Los Angeles Valiant will also tout their own home game location: Microsoft Theater at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, which will be used in the final match of Stage 4.


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