Valorant’s Night Market returns, teases mysterious “Breeze”

By Nick Johnson


Apr 9, 2021

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Valorant players got a double dose of good news yesterday with the surprise return of the Night.Market and a tease that hinted towards the release of the game’s sixth map.

News began to spread on April 7 that the Night.Market, Valorant’s randomized store, would be back for another limited run. But once it went live it was clear that April’s Market had more in store for players than skins. When images announcing the Night.Market started to go live around the world, it didn’t take long for players to notice new details on Riot’s Night.Market images. Photos shared by Riot’s international PR teams revealed a new set of locations alongside the popular sale, with some big hints about where Valorant’s agents are going to be headed next.

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Valorant’s next map likely codenamed “Breeze”

The images had a tropical theme, with palms surrounding the Night.Market logo and the letters “CARIB” standing in for “Carribean.” But this Night.Market was a little different than the ones that appeared suddenly last December and this February.

Riot used the two previous Markets to tease two new agents, Yoru and Astra. Those releases featured what players would find out were the agents’ homes. Yoru’s December tease pointed towards the sneaky agent’s country of Japan and the map Split, while the sale before Astra’s release hinted at the controller’s home in Ghana.

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While it’s not 100% confirmed that Breeze is Valorant’s next map and not the game’s next agent, the shooter only features five maps total. With so few options, Riot runs the risk of its players becoming burnt out while its esports push gets predictable. There are only so many ways teams can veto around five maps.

That said, neither Astra nor Yoru’s teases featured backgrounds that reflected their hometowns, so it’s more likely than not that Breeze will take players to the Carribean. Riot might keep rolling out the teases as Valorant inches closer to its next big patch.

Until then, players always have the Night.Market.

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What is the Night.Market in Valorant?

The idea of the Night.Market is to give players a shot at vaulted and rare items they wouldn’t normally be able to get anwhere else, much like League of Legends’ custom store “Your Shop.”

Riot ported the Your Shop idea over to Valorant in December of 2020 when it released the Night.Market, a limited-time store that offers weapon skins to players with a big catch. In the first two versions, each player’s store was completely random, meaning that while one player could uncover the opportunity to purchase a rare melee weapon, another could only have the chance to buy common items.

Riot overhauled Night.Market for the April edition, and now offers “bad luck protection” for players haven’t gottent the chance to buy a rare item. It’s a welcome change for unlucky players who could only buy Shorty skins the past two times the Night.Market has appeared.


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