Valorant stutter hotfix is coming later this week

Olivia Richman • October 20, 19:49

When Riot Games developers released a hotfix to address several growing concerns, it only caused other problems in Valorant. 

The small update fixed some audio issues on Icebox but left the game with micro-stuttering and lag issues for many player. The stuttering spikes, which can last a few seconds, seem to happen when players were getting eliminated. Players immediately noticed that it was affecting matchmaking. 

“Well, that hotfix didn’t catch everything. We’re aware of a new issue where some of you are experiencing micro-stutters in games (especially during combat). Investigating a fix now as a top priority,” Riot developers said soon after the update. 

While developers have been aware since last week, the Valorant community had to wait for the team to figure out a way to fix the issue. 

Valorant developers look to fix stuttering and hitching problem

Earlier today, developers finally announced that a hotfix is on the way. According to a tweet from the official Valorant account, the hitching problem will be fixed later this week. 

“This fix won’t solve every instance of the issue,” Riot continued, “but we’re actively investigating solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible.”

Players will be anxiously awaiting this bug. New agent Skye is coming October 27, which means there may be a spike in players. That means more combat, which would mean more instances of stuttering. The quick bug fix will hopefully alleviate this issue as more people try out Valorant’s newest agent. 

Meanwhile, other bugs have continuously been reported. This includes lag when players walk over dead agents. Professional players have also voiced their concerns to Riot in hopes of getting another update soon. 


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