Valorant Megapunk skin bundle release date, price, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 29, 2021

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Bucky army, rejoice! The Megapunk bundle brings brand new skins for five weapons, including the beloved shotgun. 

Riot Games has taken the Valorant skin game to a whole new level by stacking up the market with new cosmetics. Megapunk brings new skins for the Bucky, Ghost, Spectre, and more. The brand new skin line looks a lot like the Prime 2.0 bundle, with its glassy details and electricity flowing through the guns. According to the developer, steampunk was the main inspiration behind Megapunk. 

“When designing the skin set, we had to think about how to make something like steampunk but make it not so generic or expected. We worked closely with an engineer on the VALORANT team who loves steampunk to ensure that it was still appealing, while also ensuring that it wasn’t just for a narrow audience,” said Preeti Khanolkar.

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Each skin comes for a decent price of 1,775, with the bundle costing 6,734 Valorant Points. Megapunk features five weapons, listed below:

  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Bucky
  • Marshal
  • Electroblade Melee
  • Card
  • Gunbuddy
  • Spray

Each gun skin will have seven tiers of customization, while the electrical knife will have five levels. Players can activate a unique custom-equipped animation for the blade, named electric swipes, and change it to green, purple, or orange visual effects. Gun tier upgrades can unlock custom muzzle flash, firing audio, animations and exposed glass components, through which electrical visual effects are visible. 

When does Valorant Megapunk bundle go live?

The bundle will go live on April 1. 

Riot Games has rolled out another electric skin bundle a few weeks after releasing the murky and muted Infantry bundle. Much like Infantry skin line, Megapunk is heavily coated in brown varnish, but a pop of blue sets it apart from the previous skin line. The delicate, antique design adds a vintage finish to the Tech-forward vibe of Megapunk weapons. Crafted during the Neo-Victorian revolution, when old weapons and technology first met the modern world, Megapunk guns are perfect for steampunk lovers. 

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The developer has revealed that Megapunk items have been in production for months now. This Megapunk was the idea that eventually became Glitchpop, a different skin bundle released after Patch 2.02. 

Megapunk is a treat for Valorant players who like color and electricity in their weapon skins. While recent skin line Infantry may have hit the mark for many, it lacked the pizzazz that Valorant skins are known for. With Megapunk, the developers have made up for all energy and fusion that Infantry lacked.


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