Leak suggests new Valorant map could release with infantry bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Gear up, agents! New Valorant skin bundles may soon hit stores. 

Riot’s tactical shooter is treasured for its unique mix of competitive flair and agent powers. The ability-based game adds a new touch to the conventional FPS genre. While Valorant is gradually evolving, the agents keep the game more relaxed with their snide comments and jokes. Keeping up with Valorant’s casual tonality, Riot Games has added skin bundles like Glitchpop and BlastX to attract players who like a pop of color on their gear. 

However, the developer may soon diverge from these youthful themes and introduce a more realistic skin bundle. According to reliable data miner ValorLeaks, the game will have a unique skin bundle that will replace the Prime 2.0 line released in Episode 2 Act 2. The brawny new weapon cosmetics are dubbed as “Infantry” and have a more sophisticated appearance. 

The bundle will be released for the following weapons: 

  • Ares (Price: 875VP)
  • Ghost (Price: 875VP)
  • Guardian (Price: 875VP)
  • Operator (Price: 875VP)
  • Spectre (Price: 875VP)

The total cost for skin bundle will be 3,500 VP. According to ValorLeaks, players can shop the Infantry skin line on 18 March. 

Riot Games may be planning to add new Maps to Valorant

The data miner has also revealed that the Valorant developer is cooking up tons of exciting new stuff along with the skins. The leak suggests that the three new maps would soon debut in Valorant. 

Valorant currently has only five playable maps, including Bind, Haven, Split, Icebox, and Ascent. Players often complain about a poor map rotation that forces them to play one map multiple times in a row. The issue had gained enough traction to draw a new map, Icebox, from developers. Still, five maps have failed to resolve the issue of random rotations potentially causing one of just a few maps to be played continuously. 

It seems that developers have heard the pleas of players, and a new location may enter the map pool soon. A teaser uploaded by Valorant Arabia grants a peek into a site that resembles Bind. The dusty scenery and ancient pillars hint at a new map that may be set in a desert. Some players believe that the trailer is for the new skin line. However, the video translation hints at something bigger. 

“In times of war, do not be afraid of bombs…get Ready,” the video says. 

The cat will soon be out of the bag as, according to the leak, skins should be added in-game on March 18. If the trailer is indeed for the new bundle, a proper video should settle the dust soon. 


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