Valorant players want an “accept match” option like in CSGO

Fariha Bhatti • June 26, 2021 10:18 am

Valorant has all the ingredients of a top-notch first-person shooter but it never had an “accept match” feature. Players think that it’s about time Riot Games add the option to its tactical game. 

Riot Games has always taken player feedback into account to make Valorant’s competitive experience better. This time, the players have demanded a common feature of match confirmation before the game starts. 

Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant players don’t have to run back to their chairs to press the green “accept match” button. Riot Games never added this feature to Valorant, as the game would automatically start as soon as the system finds a match. However, players think that an option to confirm the game may improve the competitive standard. 

A Twitter handle dubbed “Valorant News” kicked off a pole to inquire whether players really want an “accept match” option, similar to the one in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Unsurprisingly enough, 80% of the players voted in favor of the feature, whereas 17.2% believe that Valorant is good as is. 

It’s understandable why players would want this feature since Valorant currently lacks a system that allows players to pick their desired map. Consequently, players randomly get queued in locations that are new or they might just not feel like playing. Currently, players don’t have any possible option to dodge maps they don’t fancy. 

Will Valorant get an “accept match” button?

This isn’t a new conversation. Many players have brought up the topic previously but this pole gained traction and got the attention of a developer who isn’t directly involved in “this process.”

 “I love that there is no ‘match accept’ button. Isn’t queueing up itself the “ready” button?” QA manager at Riot Games, Kevin O’Brien, said. “I hate when you’re queueing in LoL and you have to click accept like, five times because people keep missing the ready check.” 

Valorant is still actively getting newer maps added to its competitive queue, so adding a match accept button may increase the number of “dodgers.” Currently, players are forced to try out new maps due to dodging penalties. With an option to reject the match, players would easily avoid the game when they don’t get the desired map. 

However, an “accept match” feature may enter the game once the competitive map pool becomes solid. Only time will tell whether Riot Games take this feedback seriously as it takes other critiques and responses. 


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